Today marks the beginning of the Pre-Natal Agreement era, Dec. 17, 2019.

The Pre-Natal Agreement is a call-to-action. Dads are equal parents. It’s time for dads to take full responsibility for our participation in raising our kids. From the day they are born, both parents must agree to sharing the joy as well as the hard work that goes into raising healthy and happy children.

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And here is the complete agreement.

The Pre-Natal Agreement (from The Whole Parent)

  1. We are agreeing to bring children into the world as 50/50 co-parents.
  2. If our relationship fails, regardless of the circumstances, we agree to continue co-parenting with a 50/50 custody agreement, parenting schedule and shared financial responsibility.
  3. To avoid unnecessary trauma and hardship to either parent, this agreement will supersede any divorce decree or lawsuit filed under protest by either parent.

That’s it. Simple. It’s more of a spiritual document. Like marriage vows, except about having kids. The idea is that this agreement can join a couple in their desire and commitment to having children together. If you are not in agreement about 50/50 parenting The Pre-Natal Agreement can foster that conversation. Before you conceive, please have the Pre-Natal Agreement discussion.

You can find additional information and discussion of this groundbreaking agreement here:

The Pre-Natal Agreement - back cover

About the Author of the Pre-Natal Agreement

John McElhenney has been processing his divorce since 2010 on his internationally acclaimed blog The Whole Parent. The Pre-Natal Agreement was created on November 20th,  2019, in a blog post about divorce, A Rebirth of the Compassionate Parent & Divorced Dad Advocate. John believes in 50/50 shared parenting before and after divorce, and is working with Texas and national lobby groups to establish 50/50 custody as the starting point for a divorce between parents. He is an author and national speaker on parenting, divorce, and dating again. His latest book, A Good Dad’s Guide to Divorce is available on Amazon.

NOTE: If you are a law firm or media company who would like review copies of The Pre-Natal Agreement, please contact John directly at [email protected]. A PDF version of the entire book will be made available for review consideration.

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