Imagine a 15 year old boy writing amazing blogs and over ten thousand prople is reading his blog everyday on average. I’m talking about a stunning blogger, Maruf Parvez. He started his blogging journey in 2015 and gained much attention for his writing skill.

Maruf Parvez was born in Pabna, Bangladesh in August 24, 2002. He has been in different districts for the next few years. Being in different places enabled him to gain knowledge about different places, nature and environment. He tries to write a blog in the simplest way with all his knowledge he gained.

Maruf said he tries to present his blog as easily as possible. He uses many examples to help readers understand difficult issues. He presents his blog in such a way that readers can get to know the subject better after reading it. He keeps an eye out so that even if a subject is new to a reader, he can easily understand it.

Maruf makes sure that if the reader is interested in learning about new topics by reading his blog, the reader can understand the manner of getting more information about the topic by reading his blog instantly. Although he delivers a lot of information on the blog, he doesn’t want to bother readers, and he thinks all bloggers should be aware of this.

Maruf shared his key to write good quality blog. He said, “The prerequisite for writing a good blog is to keep writing.” Nowadays, Maruf writes more blog about technology and shares his thoughts through his blog. He is still regular in blogging and he wants to spread knowledge and positivity by his blogs.