I recently read a wonderful blog that I initially thought was a style piece.  I don’t want to say just a style piece, because style in and of itself is already masterful, but I didn’t (if I could be honest) expect to come away with as much as I did after reading it.

Why?  (and I’m glad you asked) Well, you see, that is because I have never really thought about the grace and beauty that can be found in the movement of pressing.  I mean, sure!  We’ve all faced difficulties in life, but if you are like me, at no point do you think to yourself,  ‘Man!  I am so gorgeous as I’m wiping the tears from my eyes and doing this snot-nosed-blow that sounds like a’ trumpet cause the grief has caused you to be so backed up.  Not at all.  If I am to be honest (and we are already there) I have always looked forward to this moment passing for my beauty to in essence – return, but in the beauty of this shoot and the editorial notes that Creative Director, Alicia Janelle, pointed out,

‘we are helping spark the conversation and encouraging our followers to commit to a “gender parity mindset” via progressive action.’

This #PressforProgress movement was birthed in Toronto, Canada and to support this National’s Women’s Day Alicia brought together 5 beautiful women to share their story and how they pressed through to their own progress.  To get the full article check out her blog here, but I thought, if you take a deep breath as you look at these images below, there is so much to be seen – so much beauty in the strength and struggle – that illuminates in this shoot that is truly captures the time old saying: ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’  

“If you feel called to do something, there’s a reason for that. I believe that reason is that it’s going to help someone else down the line”- Alyssa Bertram

“Whatever women want to do we should just go after it. We need to chase our dreams and chase what it is we want to do.” – Dominique

“Nothing happens overnight. We just have to set realistic goals, put in the work and be patient.” –Janet Jackson

“It’s important to find other like-minded women that want to empower each other and support each other rather than compete and tear each other down.” -Nicole Athanasopoulos

“Really tap into who you are, listen to your gut, practice listening to your gut” -Nneka Elliott


Production Team:

Balloon Artist: @weballoonz
Creative Director & Producer: @aliciajenelleevents
Creative Director & Photographer: @aliciacampbellphoto
Cinematography: @corinnemcdonaldfilms
Catering: @mpiredesigns
Dresses: @_narces
Fashion Stylist for Janet Jackson: @msstylelyte
Floral Designer: @lifeinflowerstoronto
Hair, Senior Artist Jordan: @covet.co
Hair for Janet Jackson, Jordan Rodney of JouJou Hair Studio: @tressesbyjordan
Linen: @linencloset
Makeup: @cassandracampbellbeauty
Makeup for Janet Jackson: @daneillemattismua
Suit by Andrea Lyte: @bespokeclothin
Stationery Designer: @castlefielddesign
Venue: @globeandmailcentre


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