Productivity is a battle, a battle against the universe, your surroundings and especially yourself.

It doesn’t matter where you are, how old you are, and what your activity is, you are in a constant daily battle to try to beat procrastination, distractions, and the whole cosmos trying to trigger your 5 human senses to get your attention and let your mind wonder.

So with all of that, how can you even expect to stay focused.

It seems to be a real mission impossible.

So we have all those tools, tips, mentors, tutorials, growth hacks, here to help us or yet again to distract us, confuse us, and make our life yet a bit more complex by adding more and more thoughts, ideas, flying in and out of our brains.

And so another hour has passed, and you ask yourself, where was I?

What should I have been doing?

Where is my focus?

what are my priorities?

and so, you gaze at the screen, you think, and see a bubble in your head, trying to make out of it, what’s inside, where was I?

and yet again, more minutes have passed, and now you say to yourself, there must be another way, there must be a better way.

Is there?


Sometimes I’m sure there is, while other times, I’m sure it’s nonsense, whatever you try you end up in the same place.

One thing is for sure, this questions, this quest of becoming a more productive human being, a “superman” of doing more and wondering less, will continue every day.

Sometimes I ask myself if it’s just me? I asked myself that questions for many years, but luckily in the last few years I finally met more and more people that were struggling with the same issues, and so it happens that what starts as a personal battle, you vs you, has evolved into a global struggle man vs thoughts, man vs machines.

In this battle there are no prisoners, every second that passes is gone, down the eternal abyss of lost thoughts, together with an endless amount of trillions of other similar yet unique thoughts of all mankind since Adam and Eve ate their forbidden fruit.

I challenged myself yesterday, that today, this morning will be different!

I time blocked, added a todo item for writing, blogging, putting down my thoughts on digital paper, and share it with the outside world.


because it will be here and there, everywhere and anywhere, now and forever.

One day, maybe today, somewhere, maybe a total stranger, or maybe a descendant of mine will encounter this message, like a letter in a glass bottle thrown into the ocean.

Waves come and go and so will this letter, letter to myself, to my fellow humans and to the universe.

That was a few minutes of just putting my fingers down on the keyboard in front of the screen, letting the flow of thoughts dictate the letter and words that become sentences.

Will it make any sense to someone who reads it?

I don’t know…

Do I care?

I don’t know

So what do I know?

One thing I know, that time has passed, seconds and minutes have flown by and are gone forever, somewhere.

While I have been typing those letters and words, at the same time on this planet earth, babies joined and elders left.

Some people smiled while others wept.

That’s the world, that’s the game, whether we like it or not, that’s the way it is.