Do you ever wonder how it’s tough to get a job in today’s world which is burden with job cuts, downsizing, and excess of job seeker? With job application at an all-time high, employers can be choosy. To stand out and get a job in today’s job market, you must be proactive and inventive.

As primary marketing pieces, your study of office resume says a great deal about you. A sharp looking resume always speaks that you can present yourself with professionalism and style. If you are applying for any design related jobs or in any positions in a creative field of visuals, a modern resume template is even more important. Your resume speaks about your creativity.

If your credential, resume and cover letter stand out of everyone than congratulations. But you are not out of the struggle yet. In order to spot your resume on “maybe” pile, you need to make your resume more modern looking and most importantly avoid fatal job applications mistakes.

But yes regardless of everything there is also a saying you need to “work smarter, not harder” to make the most effective use of your time. Without any clear plan or strategy for your work, most of the people end up being overworked and overwhelmed.

Few points how you can work smarter on your career:-

The most important use technology

Build your case with examples

Be your own solution


Prioritise what you need to do

Be quick, don’t be hurry

Pay attention to work-life balance

How long have you spent on your resume looks? While you may think that visual appeal is not so critical but when it comes to resume writing, I think you should think again. You should seize every opportunity to catch the eye of the hiring manager.

I am pretty sure that you have spent hours in writing, editing and proofreading your resume, to make sure it is clear, brief, precise and free of errors. If you have not done it yet then put in the time, stop right now and focus on the content first.

Learning how to write a killer resume can surely buck up your job search, compliment your status as a top-notch candidate, and increase your chances of landing a new gig. In another word, your creative resume template is a significant game changer.

Modernised your resume …Get noticed get hired!

Let’s explore some points how to create a creative resume template for your next job application.

· Your Resume Design matters

Without being an eyesore, a good resume design is always an eye-catching one. With a sleek and uncluttered design, the template should be clean and simple that sets apart from every other resume out there.

As said by Debra Wheatman, President of New York – based Careers Done Write “If the content is king, then the aesthetic value is queen.” Choose a modern style font, as the best resume always look good on both a screen and on a sheet of paper.

Pro Tip – Don’t be too heavy with the italics, bold and all caps. Use them sparingly, and for emphasis.

· Format your resume short but keep the attractive part on the top

Shorter resumes are always easier to read but they need to get to the point immediately and with powerful, precise language. A modern resume template always includes your LinkedIn address next to your name, instead of your mailing address.

Remember if you are going to cut down your resume length, you need to make every word count.

Pro Tip– Instead of objective use a summary statement, which can work as a pitch, why you are best for the job.

· Incorporate Major Keywords

Large companies don’t have the time to parse through the numerous resumes, so they get the applicant tracking system to do it for them. The key to pass through this bot test is including some major keywords or skills from each job posting.

Pro Tip– Every recruiter looks for the keywords when they check a resume. So focus on the major keywords.

· The skill point system should be right off the bat

The First point is to make sure to reflect the job description when you describe your own areas of proficiency. Review the Job description as you build your skills summary. This section can act as both accurate and tailored to the job. For example, if you are a designer you should have a creative resume template, for your additional skill go something for:-

1. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite

2. Familiar with word press

3. Experienced with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS language.

Pro Tip– Never rate your additional skills with a number range from 1 to 10. Because quantifying your skill set is vague and illogical.

· Always Highlight Your Accomplishments

The employer cares far more about your success and how you can manage at their company. When you build a resume, you have to provide few bullets points under each job title.

Always provide the data of your accomplishment, which will make it more concrete. Providing data you leave a strong impression that you would with a normal statement.

For example, if you are applying for account management job provide all the revenue wins, client growth etc. this all will work as a resume gold for you.

Pro Tip– Don’t use the space to describe only your responsibilities, instead focus on your achievements.

There goes a saying if you want to make a great impression; you have to understand your audience. So take a moment to put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager you wish to impress.

Remember:- With simple changes, you can achieve
big results!


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