You thought you knew peace. But this… This is something different. Warmth spreads through your chest, expanding from within. This moment is in a stand-still, in perfect completion. Nothing needs to be added or taken away. You feel exquisitely happy, just the way you are.

You anchor to this present moment as time dissolves. Memories of the past fade away, and thoughts about the future are no longer relevant. All that exists is this moment.

The dreamer awakens, and the dream comes alive as reality fades into sleep.

As you float freely in space, your heart might burst in bliss. But the moment you appreciate this bliss, you start to miss it. What if you can never find this beautiful place again? What if you lose yourself in it?

The thought of peace, the knowing of it, turns it into something you could lose. You try to grasp it tightly in your hand, only to realize it has already begun to slip away.

So it’s best not to think. Don’t even try to hold on. Just be here, in this suspended bliss. Floating.

This is true peace, felt from the heart and not thought with the mind.

Inhale awe for the world with every breath. You forgot how good it feels, but this is where you come from. This is where you’re at home. This is who you are.

So much greater than the labels, identities, and personality you thought you knew. 

You begin to open, radiating light from your chest to the galaxies. When the love in your heart bursts through the barriers of protection you’ve built throughout time, the brightness of your light is shocking. It’s bright enough to blind you, but instead you see so clearly now. Simply by opening your own heart, you unlock the love lying dormant in others.

This is you, powerful light and love. You’ve kept your light shielded for so long, and you forgot who you were. Wake up, and take a walk outside. The air hugs your body, the grass rises up to meet your feet. A butterfly flutters by to say hello.

The sun, the earth, the trees – all within you, created by you.

You are the entire world, the galaxies, the multiverse. An earthquake rumbles on the other side of the world, and you feel it in your chest.

You are a portal to new worlds, a creator, a beacon of light. You are the majestic mountains, the intricate wings of a butterfly, the cries of a newborn. You are it, as you have always been.