Give me an audience and I share from the bottom of my heart and soul to make the most positive difference in people’s lives.

Public speaking is one of my greatest passions. As I share the challenges I’ve been through and the enormous amount of personal transformation, it not only touches the lives of others, it transforms them as well.

What I love most about public speaking is connecting with my audience on the soul level. They hear, feel laugh, cry, have major A-HA! moments exactly as I used to.

Public speaking is a heart and soul driven mission that has an enormous positive rippling effect. One answer, one positive tip, one suggestion, and one story at a time serves to awaken people at the deepest level. Once they are awakened they share their newfound wisdom with their children, spouse, friends, and this creates a most positive rippling effect that winds up spanning the globe.

When we hear what others have been through and how they transformed it all it not only let’s us know that we are not alone, it also shows us that there really are solutions to the difficulties we face, even if we face them when we are alone and crying.

I’ve cried oceans of tears, but that’s okay, because I learned so much during the difficult times in my life and it brings me the greatest joy to share how I transformed, what I learned, why the lessons are so important and where they can apply in your life.

It’s never about me, it’s about my audience. My mission is always to make it a life changing experience for the people who listen to me in person, on camera, in videos, on the radio, TV, it’s all about making a positive rippling effect that can truly benefit other’s lives.

If YOU have been through much, consider sharing all you’ve been through and the transformations you made with an audience of people who are where you have been and give them all of the information from your heart to make their lives much more meaningful. This is not only about inspiration, it is about real transformation.

Consider one day you, too, will share your hard learned lessons, advice, genuine care, compassion and transformation with others. It all comes from the heart and people really do feel it!

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