As a coach, I appreciate the benefits of a mobile office and often when working with clients we discuss their physical space.  The place where they fuel their creative energy and navigate the day to day operations of the business.

In today’s digital world there are many options and definitions available for your workspace.  There is no longer a set definition and most often it is based on personal preference.  With no right or wrong answer, many people are able to include an office or mobile space based on roles and responsibilities within a company.  There are so many tools available for group or individual meetings that are easy and cost efficient for businesses of any size.

I have worked in various corporate environments, found myself on planes and trains as well as driving to and from an office location.  There is definitely merit in a traditional model, especially if you work best in a structured environment.

I have been working from a mobile office for the last five years. I appreciate the benefits and have developed a system to navigate the challenges for optimum performance.

Here are a few considerations if your getting ready to opt-in to the mobile approach: 

No set time    
No specific location
Very little office equipment  

Rely on Internet access  
Work encourages travel  
Peace and quiet  

Workday exceed 8 hours
No specific location
No backup for devices
Finding or creating WIFI
Always connected

When I conducted an informal survey with both clients and colleagues the lists were similar, although everyone had unique and different solutions with suggestions for their specific list based on their personality and experience.

It seems the best approach is when you combine both traditional and mobile options.  Co-working spaces offer a great solution to the isolation factor while encouraging peace and quiet.  I have met with clients in these spaces which are often very open, bright and spacious.  A cost effective way to offer an office environment for meetings with a built in network of like-minded individuals for brainstorming and encouraging collaboration.

I’ve often heard of entrepreneurs who are utilizing this format and found their productivity increases because of the flexibility… guilt free and cost effective.  With the number of businesses that provide space for this model it appears to be a growing segment in entrepreneurship.

I have been checking out the various options in my community to compare the features and benefits of each location.  As a business model, it provides an option that seems to negate most of the challenges for a mobile office. Membership seems to best describe this new format and it ticks off a number of boxes for each entrepreneur.  

It combines a collective of like-minded individuals while providing the flexibility to be authentically you! 

I’m curious, If you were thinking of a mobile office what would be your preference? 

Trish Tonaj is a Certifed Master Coach, Author, Mentor and Speaker offering keynotes and workshops on how to amplify your success. Trish is the founder and guest blog host for a portal in support of mentorship and the entrepreneurial spirit.  We invite you to share your story!