While many of such treatments and technologies are ultimately valuable, this hyper-focus and economic rewards that are driving them has hugely squeezed out essence of what medicines are really all about and how to guide individuals to wholeness, healing and well-being.

There’s growing body of evidence to support the alternative medicine recommendations. Some of the excellent sources are National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health and evidences database from Cochrane that includes works both alternative and complementary medicine.

More about Alternative Medicine and its Ability to Heal

Objectives of medicines include addressing individuals’ unavoidable requirements for physical and emotional healing. Disciplines have evolved over the years and the evolution includes drawing on social structures and religious beliefs of many indigenous individuals through exploiting natural products found in their surroundings and lately, by developing as well as validating preventive and therapeutic practices making use of the scientific method. The medical practices have move forward to a more advanced point wherein individuals can anticipate or even feel more entitled to longer and better quality of life than before.

However regardless of the power, the promise and pervasiveness of modern medical science, vast portions of mankind either can’t get to its advantages or decide not to do so. Over 80% of individuals in developing countries can seldom afford the cost of the most essential drugs, medical procedures and immunizations or vaccines. In industrial countries, a shockingly expansive portion of individuals select products and practices which prove that efficacy and safety is modest at its very best; practices that in aggregate are known as the alternative medicine.

Given the globalization, pattern of sickness or diseases in developing nations is evolving. Unlike the previous years, when communicable infections and diseases ruled, now 50% of health issues in developing countries are because of non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular ailments, hypertension, depression and use of addictive tobacco and other substances.

Since obesity, diet, lifestyle and stress are significant contributing factors that trigger the development of non-communicable diseases; alternative medicine is specifically becoming increasingly important for establishing effective and the best future healthcare strategies.

Though there have been some arguments about contemporary medicine and alternative medicine, it cannot be denied that the latter has proven benefits and positive effects to individuals’ health.

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