Being an Engineer and an inquisitive Science student till now, I have an inclination to reason out and find a logical explanation of any problem or a phenomenon. My inquisitive mind races in search of truth to find truth. Presently I was studying a lot on the Science of consciousness, quantum physics, searching for a logical explanation of this wonder called Life. I trampled in to few extracts from Vedas and to my astonishment I found a lot of the modern physics ,medical sciences we are researching on today, the efforts being put on by Great scientists have already their existence in the Vedas.The great truths about atoms,the finer elements like consciousness units, or Qualia, and the finer perceptions of men, were discovered ages ago by seers who never saw a telescope or a microscope, or a laboratory. How did they know all things? The question bewildered me. I was in search for an answer. It is said seek and you shall find. The universe comes to give an answer to all your questions in a miraculous way.

Then I came upon a book from my old trunk of my father. This book was presented to me on my birthday by my father on my 16th birthday. “Sadhanas for preparations for higher life” by Swami Vivekananda.

I still remember how offended I was when my father after my 13 th birthday started presenting me a book on Sri Ramkrishna , or Sri Saradadevi or Swami Vivekananda, on each Birthday after that. But as I revered my father and was bit afraid of him or I didn’t want to hurt him I never expressed my displeasure. I used to turn a page or so and was disinterested and put them safely in a closet. But I preserved all those books as they were gift from my dear father. My father one day said, as he might have got the feel of my displeasure, “You will understand the values of these books one day, Beta.”

So coming back, I was going through that book, and found the answer to my question as to how the early seers found and discovered the great truths. It was through the heart; They purified the heart. “All knowledge is within us. All perfection is there already in the soul. But this perfection has been covered up by nature. Layer after layer of nature is covering this purity of the soul.” Today we are after only in the pursuit of intellectual training and education and take no care for the growth of our heart. “Ït is the heart which takes one to the highest plane, which intellect can never reach. It goes beyond intellect,and reaches to what is called inspiration.” Intellect can never become inspired. It is the heart when it is purified and enlightened , becomes inspired. Just as intellect is the instrument of knowledge, heart is the instrument of inspiration. If we are pure we will reach GOD. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see GOD”.A pure heart sees beyond the intellect. It knows things that reason can never know.I realized that it is the culture of the heart not the intellect alone that can lessen the misery of the world today. What my father wanted to teach me and I ignored, I discovered today.I cried my heart out and rang my father. He said, “You have enough time. Its never too late. Cultivate the culture of purifying your heart.”

Yes “ Through the heart Lord speaks.”In old testament we find “God desires that we keep our hearts and minds fixed upon him, upon that which is pure (Phil. 4:8). Such a one may ascend to the hill of the Lord and may stand in his holy place. He or she is the one who has clean hands and a pure heart (Psa. 24:33-4). This one shall see God and live in his presence forever. This one, above all people on earth, will be truly blessed and happy.”

All the discipline of Shama, Dama, Uparati,Titiksha,Shradha, Samadhana and Mumukshutva are but exercises to purify our heart.When our heart opens all knowledge all inspiration all truth shines before us. This is the wonder of THE PURITY OF HEART.