Mankind appeared on the earth after everything had been prepared for us. We emerged as the fourth level of nature into a lush environment that provides everything we need for survival and comfortable living. We figured out early on that joining others in the hunt for food and the pursuit of basic needs made life more secure. We discovered that we are social beings who enjoy being together. We lived in perfect alignment with the laws of nature set down at the beginning of time.

Where did we go wrong? We have everything we need for happiness, yet the world is in chaos. We live in dread of each other, gobbling up the earth’s resources for personal benefit, and have sunk to our basic animal natures. What else could fist fights on airplanes be called?


The force that drove us forward to develop society now pushes us toward its destruction. We have allowed ego to manage us, rather than recognizing what this force is and learning how to control it. This has not happened in the world, it has developed inside each one of us. We have created a society based on getting what we want when we want it, regardless of how we harm others in doing so.

Do we want a society based on the basic law of nature, love one another? We can have it if we’re willing to do the inner work. When we arrange within ourselves an attitude of care and concern for others in everything we do, we manifest that in the world.

Here’s how it works.

Author drawing

We know that we exist in a system within which everything is connected. Sages throughout the centuries have spoken of this, and quantum physics is finding it to be so. Every thought we have, every action we take, influences the entire system. The world now operates in the “red zone.”

The diagram is meant to be a visual for corrective inner work, but this is not at all simple. It requires deep thought about who we are and how we can live together peaceably. It requires a decision, a willingness, and an intention to behave only lovingly toward each other and toward nature. It will become harder, before it gets easy, because the ego doesn’t want to give up its power.

The virus will continue to mutate, the earth will continue to burn, storm, erupt, and quake, and society will deteriorate until we understand that love for others, connection among us, cooperation and collaboration—all of these things—need to be the basis of our society. It is the law of nature and she is pushing us harder and harder toward alignment with her.