Quarantine has resulted in different things for different people.

For some, it has been a source of motivation and encouragement to start new things. For others, this moment has proven to be devastating and certainly not a moment of productivity. Many have lost their jobs, health and loved ones. In an attempt to contribute to the enhancement of the mood, I will refrain from discussing the more unfortunate and unpleasant happenings of our time.

While trying to spot a silver lining in this very grey cloud, I’ve noticed that quarantining has given a great opportunity to learn new skills and polish up the old ones.

First, I would like to share what is perhaps the most important skill I have learnt during this time; that is cooking. I know, we all love food, and so do I. At the very beginning of the lockdown, I had decided to learn a few new recipes and try out unique dishes to treat my taste buds. Afterall, I was initially worried about the idea of having my food delivered (like I once did ever so often).

It started with watching different YouTube videos and reading plenty of blogs. Once I gathered enough motivation from these sources, I decided to make my own recipes by recreating the ones I had watched or read, all by putting an additional touch of mine. Trust me; it really worked, by the end of the first month, I had created several recipes of my own. What could be a better gain than that, right?

Next up on my quarantine skills building task list was improving my entrepreneurial skillsets. So naturally, I started shopping around for online courses I could take. I found a few good ones, including a few from Coursera and Udemy.

Ultimately, I went with Harvard Business School Online’s Entrepreneurship Essentials. And while this program is in no way a replacement or equivalent to their popular MBA program, I was genuinely surprised by the caliber of content and communication within the course.

The course required a lot of interactions with peers in the form of questions and answers, group discussions and forums. Given that many of us are having limited social interactions at this point, this was a fantastic benefit in my opinion.

This was my personal experience. I want to hear yours. Share your quarantine experience. Why not exchange ideas?

Let’s keep learning and growing together during this.