There comes a time in our life when we start to think about good things that we did and experienced in our past. Along with our homes are memories buried that cannot be forgotten or trade a million times. Truly indeed, there is no such place in this planet like home, and to think that we all have that kind of place, makes the picture of a happy family, happy society and a happy nation.

Home is what we can define as an immovable structure we call building and filled with individuals having good relation towards each other. Occupying and secured towards outside forces. Weather, noise and unknown individuals who might cause illegal trespass and unreasonable trouble are what outside forces referred in this article.

Is there really a place we can call a home? If there is, then why we always say that there is no place like home?

Just like a bird freely flying in the sky, exploring and soaring high above the ground its happiness is immeasurable… He might say, a bird is in its home, it’s the sky that makes the birds feels home. Caged that bird and no matter how you provide it with luxury and food from time to time but still, you will only hear it sounds irritate. No matter how you try to make it feels good, it will always try to free it-self. We can conclude that, “There is no place in this world, and for every single planet out there, like home.”

Home may not always be in the picture of man’s endeavor but it is always part of the picture of man’s success.

This will be the case of many who agree to this statement but in reality, few will disagree. Unsurprisingly, nobody has the monopoly of knowledge, thus, we cannot always have a one hundred percent vote before every individual who will criticize our statements.

When you’re out there, cold and full of bruises, nobody knows what you’ve been through, will you consider going home?

When everything seems so unclear and though the world would never understand, there is no better solution than to get back home and hug your beloved someone. There is not a single thing better like in this situation than to have someone hugging you with tender love and care. Home may not always be the perfect place as you know, but if there is one thing certain about its definition, home is a place where someone waits for you.

The sweetest thing is always about to happen when we are in our home; remember not to ignore your quest for having a home. It might seem that you are looking for it, but deep inside, home is where your heart is, just follow your heart and it’ll take you there…


  • Olivia Jones


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