I love to encourage people and help champion their dreams. It makes me happy seeing others – happy. I know that may seem corny but it’s true! I could be completely overwhelmed by my own stuff but when I see someone else in distress about their own life, there I am ready to help. Ironic? Maybe, but it’s who I am.

Having traveled the path of being unhappy in my career, avoiding my passions and then turning that all around, I can honestly say that following my bliss is a much more fun way to go. But as luck would have it, we all have bad days. Recently when I was questioning everything – even my passion. I wondered what right I had motivating others. Then the universe stepped in.

Out of nowhere, an old friend contacted me. After taking some time off, she decided to pursue a completely different career. Hmmm, I thought. That’s right up my alley because I love when people take risks. As our conversation progressed and she told me all about her new gig, I asked her what made her take the plunge. Her answer stopped me in my tracks.

“You convinced me to take a chance and go for it.” She said.

Wait – what? Little ol’ me?

She went on to tell me that she was inspired by my experiences and my work in helping others take that leap of faith. I was floored, as my grandmother used to say. While this is going to sound odd, I never really thought a lot about the actual impact I have on others. What I do know, is that now I will.

People are watching, listening and paying attention. Whether we know or not, we do have an impact on others. This was an ah-ha moment for me to keep doing what I am doing. Either with my words or actions, inspiring others is something that I enjoy.

In the end, that phone call gave me the kick in the ass I needed. I guess you can call it a little help from a friend with a moral or two:

  • Don’t give up on your dreams. Passions are put in our hearts for a reason.
  • You never know who’s actually listening to you – so make it good.

“If Your Actions Inspire Others To Dream More, Learn More, Do More and Become More, You Are a Leader.” -John Quincy Adams

Originally published at www.happinessdepends.com