My former spouse and I settled our divorce yesterday. 

There are details and final paperwork—but it’s done. I am no longer married. 

I also had to let go of amazing people. I am retiring Defy Impossible. When I said it was the end of an era, I meant it. 

I am starting over.

Not from the ground up.


On the shoulders of over 35 years of defying impossible and breathing fire. I mourn the loss—but I do not suffer. ALL of this death, this pain, this loss is an answered prayer.

And I don’t doubt God.

I refuse to do business the way I did ever again. 

I refuse to live my life half-ass or hidden— in any way, shape or form. I REFUSE to self-sacrifice my dreams, fulfillment, eroticism, and joy for other people—ever again. 

I can hear the call…

The world needs to hear my Word.

My voice. 

My wisdom.

So I’m choosing to trust God.

I’m not going to teach any more.

I’m going to focus ALL of my energy on being an artist. As a paid speaker, writer, and performer.

Be clear. 

My cash flow is low.

I don’t have an offer to sell.

I’m not touring.

And I’ve cut my team from 19 to 3.

I don’t have new money coming in.

I have walked away from it all.

In a very real way: I have burnt all the boats to walk into my destiny.

And I am unafraid.

I trust God.

I trust me.

I trust life.

So get ready world…

… I got some shit to say.

Dr. Venus 


  • Dr. Venus Opal Reese

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    At 16 years old, Dr. Venus Opal Reese lived on the mean streets of Baltimore, amidst drugs, prostitutes, pimps, police, and violence. 14 years later, she graduated from Stanford University with a second Master’s degree and a Ph.D.

    Her business, Defy Impossible Inc., has grossed over five million dollars after launching—without loans, investors, or certifications. Her clients have grossed eight million in the past seven years implementing her proven strategies and systems.

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