What would you say if you were asked this simple question – “Are you passionate about what you do?”

These days there is a real push to be creative and innovative. To think outside the box and to have passion for what you do. Passion is something that motivates you to get out of bed every morning and off to work. It is something that pushes you to do that little bit extra purely because you want to. It is realising what loving your career brings to your life.

I worked in the IT industry for about ten years. And I can confidently say: I was passionate about what I did. I excelled and thrived at work and that bought a lot to my personal life as well.

But over time, the passion faded and I carried a real heaviness within me every morning to work. Until I found my new career as a yoga teacher and running a wellness business. When we spend our time working in an environment we enjoy, with people that motivate us to be our best – we bring that joy to all aspects of our lives.

You can be wherever you like in the corporate ladder, the key is to love what you do. You can be wherever you like in the path to your ideal role, the key is still to love what you do.

My career change taught me that no matter what your career is – or where you think your career is heading – as long as you have that passion, your mind will keep striving and pushing you to keep doing your best.

Because if you love what you do, then the passion and motivation will carry into all aspects of your life.

You might be in a situation where you are in a job you don’t love. Or there is no opportunity for you to move into something new. Or you know your passion is something else but financially you cannot make that move. Or you just don’t know what your passion is.

In my experience, there is a way – to start finding aspects of your role that ignite and motivate you. They may be small or infrequent, but you have to start somewhere. Find these aspects and use them as building blocks, use them as fuel to get through the mundane tasks. Practice really does make perfect.

You can find the passion in everything you do.