Thinking is thinking. Doing is doing. Doing creates action. Thinking can sometimes be mistaken for action. Thinking is not taking action.

That sentence wraps it up.. so let’s read it again.

Do you ever go home totally exhausted.. and realize how much you did not get done?

You worked. You worked hard. You are shot. But… your accomplishments and daily achievements were very low. Why?

Thinking is exhausting. Thinking takes work. But.. thinking is not work!

So now that I hammered that point home.. let’s discuss.

The people that really cover a lot of ground are the ones that are moving in a targeted direction. They are focused on daily execution.. and that is all they do. Execute. They are professional assassins of action taking.

They leave the thinking for the starting point of a task.. and once they establish direction.. it is 100% action and execution- with bouts of reflection and tweaking.

Thinking and overthinking can often lead to paralysis, over analysis, and then frustration.

Days will pass. Months will pass. People that started years after you will then start passing you.

You will then wonder why? The why is they ACTED faster than you. They acted. You pondered.. They won. You lost. That doesn’t mean you are out of the game though. Maybe they set the table.. now you just have to be a better chef.

I understand it… it has happened to me on many occasions in my life.. but what I realized is that my lack of “GO” was the result of a lack of passion towards a cause, and also fear. Can you believe it?

Fear of success actually. Fear of “what if it actually works!?”

Once you recognize that though you can sit back and chuckle..because how ridiculous is that?

Everything you could ever dream of is in the ACTION. You may fail.. and failure is a part of the process.. but those failures will lead to victories and clarity.

I have had to close some really beautiful training facilities.. but it showed me my mistakes, where my focus really was, and how I can be a better operator/ leader… I have failed at my own health and fitness at times… failed on my diet, failed on so many occasions… but those failures lead to strength!

My message is simple.. get in the game… start executing the plays rather than drawing up an entire playbook first.

Getting in the game will teach you all the lessons of success.

Just get in the damn game. Play hard. Play to win. Dust yourself off and get up when you get dirt in your face.

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