I’ve never really thought deeply about the “collectiveness” of sisterhood that we as females all share, until today, when once again life’s seemingly random encounters forced me to look inwardly.

Every discomfort I feel, every argument that ensues within life’s relationships tend to send me inward. To look at what’s at the root of my end reaction, be it sadness, anger or happiness. So today I thought about what it meant to be female, what were the experiences that shaped my femininity or lack off. I probed the experiences that shaped my womanhood.

I am aware that as women we share similar experiences. We share the issues pertaining to our relationships with our parents, with the men in our lives and with each other. We all share the sadness of our sisters, the joys too, collectively we all live each others’ experiences because we are all connected.

When we feel each others’ pain, when we seek each others’ arms and shoulders to pour out our disappointments with love, with family with life, we are transferring our collective pain, our collective joys and collective happiness to each other. We teach each other that men will lie to us and leave us. That even our very sisters will betray us. That the children we bore may neglect us and we also seek each other out when we find a “good” man, a “real” man!

When new love comes and we giggle about how this is “the one” we swoon about how he touches our soul literally and figuratively and for a moment; we all hope and believe that prince charming has come.

We all live the lives of our sisters as the one collective female with life’s one collective male but as sister we are also guilty of pulling each other down, of not being genuinely happy when one of us finds the success that we all collectively crave. We can be petty and jealous and hurtful and that just increases the pain of the collective female, ultimately hurting us all as we become bitter and hard.

As women, let’s support each other, let’s listen to those who have seen more of this life and let’s grow together, for as much as in this age, some believe that we do not need each other, or that our jobs, fancy clothes and shoes are enough or that the ultimate goal should be finding a man, to so call complete us.

Let’s not pull each other down but work at building each other up, for when we hurt our ‘sisters’ we are also hurting ourselves.

Photo courtesy: Pexles.com

Originally published at medium.com