Can you imagine if your eyes were opened to something so transformative that your life and views would be forever shifted?

I know. I thought the same thing, when as a producer, this film first crossed my desk, but then a strange thing happened. It was a Monday afternoon, not unlike today. I am an extremely busy executive and rarely have time to even grab a glass of water. but something compelled me to watch it. In the middle of the day, like a couch potato.

Now, I have had friends that I have heard have tried plant medicine and I have even known people that have been to Costa Rica but I was fascinated by what I learned.

Michelle Rodriguez (Avatar, The Fast and the Furious). and her friends search for ancient advanced technology. Under the guidance of many of the best experts – Rodriguez travels the Globe in search of a Hidden Technology from our Ancient past that has been locked away for thousands of years and in the process, uncovers a connection between religion, psychedelics, and mysterious spirit cultures.

I would love to share this film here, so you can see for yourself:

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