What if I were to tell you that the reason you believe that nothing ever works out for you is because you choose to tell yourself that?


What if I were to tell you that the reason you believe you tell yourself that nothing ever works out for you is because it was a phrase that your mother repeated around you, day in and day out, when you were just a kid.

That THAT^ was a belief system she carried?

But didn’t know it?


What if I were to tell you that the reason you tell yourself that nothing ever works out for you is because your mother said that to and about you a gazillion of times by the time you were 7 years old, and that in doing so she programmed that belief system into you?

That in saying IT so many times your mother inadvertently made THAT^ your truth, in so many areas of your business and your life?


What if I were to tell you that if you wanted to change that truth… If you wanted to change that reality… All you needed to do was exactly what your mother did all those years ago…

But with a twist?

I’ll come back to that in a jiffy!


You see.

E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G we believe is based on what we hear, what is said around us, what is said to us, what is conditioned (programmed) into us by our parents, our teachers, our friends, our siblings and our society as a whole, when we are children.

And although we don’t consciously take that stuff on board at the time, years later, when we reach adulthood and start questioning why certain things are happening they are (or not as you truly desire them to)

That’s when we realise we’re carrying around a tonne of pre-programmed bullshit belief systems, stories and phrases that sound innocent enough — some even come across as though they’re said with love — but that have the power to stunt our growth as human beings (and I don’t mean our height!!).

They have the power to limit our capacity to go for those things were truly desire.

They have the power to persuade us, convince us, that we’re not deserving or worthy of those things we desire.

They have the power to stop us from pursuing the relationships, the jobs, the business, the success, the clients, the money and the sales that we truly desire.

Honestly though, I’m not blaming you mother.


She was doing all that she knew.
She was doing as she’d been programmed to do.
She was saying as she was programmed to say.

By her parents.
By her siblings.
By her teachers.
By her friends.
By her community.

And, the things is…

There’s a fair chance that none of those people even knew that what they were doing/saying would have such a massive impact.

They were ignorant to it.
They simply didn’t no any different.
The didn’t know any better.


No matter what shitty belief system/s you are currently carrying around that aren’t serving you.

That are limiting the way you show up and shine your light in the world.

That have you playing a smaller game of life that you were born to play…

Than you desire to play.


To free yourself from them for. e.v.e.r!!

And doing so is as simple as reprogramming the belief system by being aware of what that belief system is and REFRAMING your internal dialogue (your mind language) with a more positive belief system.

With a belief system that serves you.
With a belief system of your choosing.
With a belief system that expands you.
With a belief system that grows you.
With a belief system that opens your mind up to a new way of thinking.

And, in turn.

That belief system will then change what is true for you.

That belief system will then change what you do every single day.

That belief system will empower you to show up in the world in a way that you truly desire to show up.

That belief system will give you the power to create the reality that you have always known you wanted, but didn’t know how to get… How to make real.

When you catch yourself saying:

“Nothing ever works out for me!”


Acknowledge it.

Accept the role that belief system has played and is currently playing in your life.

And then.


Change it to:

“Everything is always working out for me!”

Believe me when I say that it REALLY is that simple.

And yeah. Sure. Saying it just one time will do little if anything at all.

But the more you reframe and replace your negative, limiting and non-serving belief systems with a positive, empowering belief systems that serves the person/life you desire to be, do and have…

The sooner you will start seeing BIG shifts happening with your thought processes and in your reality.

Let me ask you…

Are you done with carrying around belief systems that aren’t serving you?

Are you ready to ditch the shitty programming and create new belief systems that empower you to rise like the Queen (or King) you desire to be and live your life in a way that makes it possible for you to have everything you have ever wanted?

Love, Truth & Badassery,
Remember… You Have One Life. Hit The F*ckin’ Button!

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