The reason why self-care should be on the top of your list (taking care of yourself is so important)-

I personally put myself on the bottom of my list for a long time still do at times if I am honest but I realized I can’t do that anymore so I stopped putting myself on the bottom of the list and it has been so beneficial for me all the way around because I decided to do something for me that is it nothing big but in the long run because I will be happier less burned out and more understanding self-care as a whole and how important it truly is to apply to your daily routine .

With the hectic lives that we lead we often forget to take care of one of the most important people in our lives: us! When in actuality, you really need to be taking care of yourself first before we take care of others. Self-care doesn’t need to be anything luxurious. It can be something as simple as reading a good book, listening to music or watching some mindless TV. Whatever self-care looks like to you, make time to do it. Put this into practice weekly.

Self-care will not just change things for the betterment of yourself but also those around you and how you interact with them. When we don’t carve time out for self-care, it contributes to us feeling run down, burnt out or of less value.

Something as simple as carving out five minutes a day can have significant positive impact on your life. Carving this out sets up the precedence for the rest of your day and in turn impacts how you care for others.

Seeing you viewing self-care as important may trigger others to do the same. They will want to do the same or may realize how much your self-care affected the environment. This could ideally create a healthy domino effect and have a positive influence on everyone’s mood.

Put yourself on the top of your list. You deserve it and make sure to cut out time for self-care AKA self-love! because you deserve it once you realize that taking care of yourself is important you won’t feel like it is  something you should feel guilty about but something you look forward to and something needed in your life to relieve stress of day even if its just for a few mins everyday you than can get back to business and take care of what needs to be done but you put yourself first and that is what matters most. So, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself care on and treat yourself and become the best you can make yourself a priory again.