Discover the Authentic You

This past year I hosted my women’s retreat twice. Both times, I walked away humbled by the incredible women who attend this event and their willingness to share deeply and participate fully in all that is available to them.

I had been feeling discouraged about the retreat because its not a cheap weekend, but so far every single woman has voted 10 out of 10 for “Value for Price Paid”. That’s pretty incredible and also makes me realize what I have created really is amazing.

The last group of women are still getting together. I think they’ve dropped me off their group text, but I hear about them talking on the phone or having coffee and I just beam knowing that these incredible connections have been made – and it was as a result of what I have created.

The Secret Ingredient is You!

To create the Discover the Authentic You© experience, I mixed together my wisdom of Spiritual concepts and universal Law with stories from my own life. I added interactive experiential activity to allow women to get into their body and their hearts. I drizzled in a backdrop that pulled in 28 years in the hospitality business with attention to detail and my love for all things luxurious. Then, I baked it with love.

My two angels complete the mysterious recipe with fine food and beverage lovingly prepared by Kitchen Maides’ Jolene Dixon and Reiki Healer extraordinaire Suri Schram whose voice sings healing vibrations of magical Spiritual energy threaded through the entire weekend.


With the holidays approaching, it may be tempting to overlook yourself. Remember all of the hard work you have put in this year and know that investing in yourself as you embark on a new year is worth it. You are worth it!

Discover the Authentic You©
Discover the Authentic You©

Here are some frequently asked questions I thought would be helpful in bringing you clarity to see if Discover the Authentic You© is the right opportunity for you.

$2,795 feels really expensive. Why is it so much?

Making an investment in yourself feels really amazing and you’re worth it! You don’t question shelling out thousands of dollars for houses, cars, clothes, etc but when it comes to investing in YOU, you begin to think three thousand dollars is too much. I want to invite you into the idea that you are SO WORTH IT! Plus, the value in this weekend package is exceptional. The quality of the resort, the food, the content shared, the life mastery tools taught and the intimate magical experience that is shared through this weekend far exceeds the price. What you will walk away with personally, is priceless.

I live local. Can I attend the Discover the Authentic You© retreat and not stay in the resort?

Part of the rich, intimate experience that is created throughout this weekend is allowing yourself to be pampered, cared for, waited on, served and loved. Coming from a background in luxury hotels, I deeply appreciate the nurturing I feel when I allow myself the self-honoring pampering of my mind, body and Spirit. Enjoying a guest room at this five-star, five-diamond resort – all to yourself – is a gift. This is part of the experience that I have created in this offering and I promise, you will thank me later. I know if I offered to not take the room, women would choose to “save money”. I again, really want to invite you into the idea that, YOU’RE WORTH IT.

I am uncomfortable sharing in front of women I don’t know. Do I have to?

The supportive, sacred and intimate space created for the inner inquiries we explore together will encourage you to feel safe and held while you are stretching outside your comfort zone. And, I know from experience, no growth ever happened inside your comfort zone. Allowing yourself to be held if you need to break down is the pathway to a breakthrough. No one is asked to do or share anything they are not comfortable with, but the safety that is created in this container is one that invites you out of your shell.

I am vegan, or gluten-free, or dairy free. How does that work?

The beautifully nurturing food and the setting are intentionally and mindfully prepared and created. Both myself, and the Discover the Authentic You© private chef, Jolene Dixon of Kitchen Maides, previously worked for the Ritz-Carlton. The attention to detail, the honoring of special requests and the surprise and delight in all the meals is first class. We do our best to accommodate everyone’s requests.

The timing is not quite right for me. Can I wait until the next offering?

This weekend is offered only twice per year. There are just six available spots in each offering. That means there are only twelve potential opportunities to experience Discover the Authentic You© in the upcoming year. If you’re unsure, but want time to rearrange your schedule and come into alignment inside yourself, you can hold your spot with a deposit. See the details on the registration page.

In a nutshell, what this weekend all about?

Discover the Authentic You© is a loving, nurturing, memorable weekend workshop where you are invited to remember the magnificence of who you are. To see and be seen. To love yourself and others. To lay down that, that no longer serves you. To learn life mastery tools to begin to redefine who you want to BE and how you want to experience your life.

Registration is officially open at Discover the Authentic You©.


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