I started my day this morning with a meditation from Deepak Chopra.

One particular thought of his caught my attention. More than just hearing the words, I felt their intention in the core of my being.

The Universe nourishes me, and I nourish the Universe.

You can also read that as, “God nourishes me, and I nourish God” if it resonates more with you.

Sunday schools, sermons, books, and teachers tell us God or the Universe loves us and is the source for our needs. That’s comforting, but it’s a one way street.

Does anything in nature only receive? That’s impossible.

We take in nourishment and release what we don’t need. Rivers flow. We breathe in and we breathe out. We hear and we speak.

Manipulating a state of only receiving would lead to blockage and stagnation. Only releasing and never receiving, eventual depletion would occur.

It’s a two way street. Being nourished and nourishing.

The Universe is nourishing you, and you’re nourishing the Universe.

That’s the reciprocal flow of universal love.

You’re not a greedy and ungrateful sponge just soaking up all the love and blessings from the Universe.

You’re giving back too, whether you know it or not.

So what do you want to give back?

I’m humbled and honored to be a source of nourishment to the Universe. It makes me really examine what sort of thought and energy I’m putting out there.

It’s like wanting to be a good neighbor or a good host. I want the Universe to feel good because I’m reflecting out loving and nourishing thoughts.

I want the Universe to smile.

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