Yes, generous is about giving — but giving of what?

Sunday mornings bring a quiet space for reflection. Generosity.

Generosity conjures labels from our condition and from our culture. Ads for gifting, jewels and baubles indicating payment or reward for behavior — for others maybe defined by a philanthropic event we attend — recipients of the blah, blah, blah award.

Yes, generous is about giving — but giving of what?

In many dictionary’s, generosity is often referred to as having the quality to be kind. In the Latin origin of the word, it means noble — or showing quality’s of virtue and good. A bit further and in deepening our experience of generosity, it extends in subtle or not so subtle ways.

Our time, our smile, our ear, our touch. More often than not, an offering of a cup of earl grey tea and a biscuit to someone may be the awaited gift. Empathy may even be generosity’s highest form. Giving — being seen, feeling heard.

Generosity restores hope. It provides humanity, our brothers and sisters, with the promise that we are not alone, that we care — are cared for, and that the wellbeing of this great planet and that of our families is indeed, intact.

The reciprocity of generosity is up to the Universe to deliver, and it does. Maybe not in the timeframe or model our ego conjures and documents in support of its entitlement — no, but the higher law of generosity will deliver receipt sublimely.

So, think of it like this. Perhaps, the generosity that we are demonstrating toward someone today is the return of their generosity they gave to another a year, or more, ago.

Gratitude for the gifts we possess and are able to give is what impels the laws of generosity into motion. What we have to give today — let us be grateful for, that.

Living in authentic gratitude, our Heart Center is wide open.

How can we become active in our authenticity? By consciously making a choice to keep returning to this moment. This moment, present and rooted in goodness. The only place where we can rise — together, is inclusive and without condition — to serve authentically.

Eckhart Tolle suggests in the book The Power of The Heart — “It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.”

Today I have the opportunity to expand. I can expand my thoughts to see no division between us. Because I am willing to see differently — to unlearn my conditioned actions, reactions, to my own pain, suffering — my trauma, and yes — to see yours.

And I will savor this moment because I am willing to include you in it.

Spiritual generosity — our soul to soul art form, music of the heart — energy of empathy is asking you and I to join in practice — to expand our thinking, to accept a world view, to activate a global gratitude for the reciprocity of generosity.


Originally published at on December 14, 2016.

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