The Right Attitude for 2019

5 Attitude Hacks for 2019

How you see the world, how it gets reflected back into your life, depends on the mindset through which you experience it. It depends on your attitude.

Think about it. If you go into work thinking everyone is out to undermine you, you’ll start seeing harmless comments as personal jabs. Your focus will become more about that perceived negativity than about doing your best. You’ll feel distracted, stressed out and inadequate.

But, if you see your work as an opportunity to shine and to grow your experience, you’ll always bring your A-game.

Same person, same job, different attitude, completely different outcome. That’s how attitude creates your world. And it’s entirely within your power to determine the attitude you bring.

So, how about bringing a kick-butt, conquer-the-world attitude to 2019?

Here are 5 ways you can hack your attitude to create an amazing year:

1. Grow your happiness from within

Whatever may be happening around you, remind yourself that true happiness comes from inside you. While the course of your day can be influenced by circumstances beyond your control, if you’ve done the work to grow your inner happiness, external circumstances cannot alter it. That’s not to say nothing will ever upset you. But if you have that strong core of well-being, you’ll have the strength to move through whatever comes your way.

How do you grow inner happiness? Meditation is like water, sunlight and nourishment to your happiness. Start small. Even just five minutes a day can begin to show results.

2. Say NO

When you say “yes” to everyone else, you’re ultimately saying “no” to yourself. You give away the bulk of your time and energy, leaving yourself with the leftovers. That’s how burnout happens.

Turn that around. Look inside yourself to what you truly need and want, then put that first. Say “yes” to what you need, and “no” to everything else. Once your own needs, goals and happiness are taken care of, then you can look outside. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash

3. React with positivity and progress

In all situations, your reaction is the one thing you can always control. Instead of seeing challenges as roadblocks, approach them from a mindset of progress and positivity. This is a chance for you to learn, grow, build your experience, become stronger, better, more capable.

Embrace the challenge. When you come out the other side, record the experience. The next time you’re asked about a challenge you’ve overcome, your answer is all set.

4. Speak your truth, no matter what

Set the intention to speak up when it matters to you. And you know exactly when that is. Someone says or does something you disagree with, crosses your boundaries, or maybe just asks your opinion. It’s those times when you have an opportunity to be heard, but let fear or doubt keep you silent.

Speak up. How other people react is always beyond your control, so stop putting your energy into trying. Control your own reactions. When you speak your truth, you may not get the result you want, but you will feel good about your approach. It will feel right to you.

5. Understand before being understood

Too many people speak “at” each other these days. We all want to be heard, but very few of us really do the work to hear; to understand. It leads to miscommunication and unnecessary conflict.

If you want to be understood, first ensure you understand. Know where the other person is coming from and what’s at the heart of their perspective. Then give your perspective. You may still disagree, but by understanding each other, you can respect each other and move forward, rather than getting stuck in that place of misunderstanding.

Ready to hack your attitude?

It really comes down to creating new habits. Negative thoughts, fears, doubts, resentments… those are all just habits. And habits can be changed. Do the work.