If you have chosen a marriage or a civil union or a symbolic rite, the choice of the celebrant becomes fundamental. Will he be able to create the right atmosphere, will he be able to make it an exciting moment or does he risk becoming a theater?

How To Choose the Celebrant?

In today’s article, I will tell you what are the things to take into consideration to choose the right marriage celebrant Ceremony, based on the type of ceremony you have in mind. Things to consider are different:

  • Atmosphere
  • Professionalism
  • Cost

W face them one by one, to see which direction to go.

The Celebrant Does Not Act

The ceremony is the most important moment of the whole day, it cannot be ridiculed! The alternatives are not between an actor and a friend, they are between a professional and a non-professional friend or relative. But in neither of these cases is it a joke or a game.

The Celebrant for Civil Marriage

What happens most often on the occasion of a civil marriage is that you ask to have a friend or relative celebrate the ceremony in place of the municipal official.

Surely this choice allows you to create a more engaging atmosphere, especially if the marriage will take place in a normal Town Hall, with the limitations of time and content that we have already had the opportunity to talk about.

The presence of a loved one who talks about you to your guests, who asks you to express your consent, and who declares you husband and wife, makes everything much more exciting… it is a choice that I recommend with all my heart!

The Celebrant in the Church

I know I’m talking about civil or symbolic marriage, but actually, the priest who will celebrate the marriage in the church also makes a big difference.

Very often, by participating in marriages, one realizes perfectly that whoever speaks from the altar does not know the spouses well, does not feel involved, and therefore speaks in general about marriage. Which, for heaven’s sake, is fine.

But how much more beautiful are the Holy Masses celebrated by those who know them well and talk about them? Don’t you think? Have you ever attended marriages of both types I guess.

So, if you want to get married in church and you don’t know the priest who will celebrate, make sure you know him in time. To hang out with him for a while.

Make that day talk about you!

The Celebrant for the Symbolic Marriage

The case of a symbolic marriage is different, where the ceremony can be customized in every aspect and you have the time necessary to do it well.

In this case, it is worth evaluating the presence of a professional celebrant, who will know how to organize it, how to personalize it, how to manage times and contents, so that it is a crescendo of continuous emotions!

A person who does not do it by profession, having to build the ceremony from scratch, could find himself in difficulty. It is not like the civil ceremony that follows a very specific track. So, if you want to go this route, make sure you choose the right person.

The Characteristics of a Celebrating Bravo

He must have a good dialectic, not be ashamed to speak in public, he must have the desire to read up to create the ceremony with you.

He must know how long the various phases of the ceremony and the various rituals you will want to take will last in order to create a program that is not infinitely long.

Over the years I have realized that 45 minutes is a perfect duration because the symbolic ritual flows pleasantly, but longer would still be too much.

If the person you thought of lacks any of these characteristics, perhaps it is best to think of a professional.

The Celebrant Professional Always Thrills

Do not think that a celebrant who does not know you personally is not able to involve you, your guests, and your emotions, because this is not the case!

In recent years I have organized many symbolic marriages with professional celebrants and every single time it has turned out to be an explosion of feelings. If the celebration is good, I assure you that the marriage will be unforgettable!