Change coming from all different angles, change that pushes us to adapt, learn, test, and challenge ourselves on a daily basis. 

If we stay focused on our inflexibility, if we keep telling ourselves “I don’t deal well with the unexpected” or “I can’t cope with change”, those beliefs will condition not just the way we approach money and wealth, but our health and relationships as well. 

 Letting go of your fixed mindset and adopting a growth mindset has the power to change your worldview and attract exciting opportunities your way.

In this article, we explore how the right growth mindset can influence three fundamental aspects of your life -wealth, health, and relationships.

Money, a source of happiness, or the root of all evil?

Money is such a loaded topic, perhaps even verging on the taboo. Some people feel awkward or embarrassed to talk about it when it’s brought up in conversation, while others completely avoid the subject and deflect the discussion in another direction. 

Maybe the reason it’s out of bounds in social contexts is the many notions and issues we associate with it. We often hear phrases like

  • “money isn’t everything”
  • “money can’t buy happiness” or
  • “money shouldn’t be your only goal in life”. 

We’re told we’re too blunt if we bring it up, and we’re told we’re too materialistic when most of our concerns are centered around money. At the same time, if we don’t express an ardent interest in wealth and if we don’t communicate our passion for it, we’re criticized for our idealism and naivete. 

We’re told that we’re gullible, that we don’t know how the world works, and that real life is not a utopia. Either way, it seems like we’re forced to join one side or the other. There are all kinds of assumptions about money and financial wealth, villainizing the people who have it and resenting the people who pursue it. 

There is a fictional belief that every rich person is inherently manipulating, conniving, and contriving dreadful schemes, that wealth is somehow wrong, and the people who attained it should be condemned for all the evils and injustices of the world. 

But if we strip it from all these negative and positive connotations, if we take it as what it is rather than what everyone thinks it is or thinks it should be, money is very simple to define. It’s a tool of exchange like all others. 

“What’s in your head determines what’s in your wallet”

“Never spend your money before you have earned it” -Thomas Jefferson

Money can buy you comfort and peace of mind. It can allow you to produce valuable goods and services. It can make your life easier but it can also help you make other people’s lives easier as well. You can invest it in doing good and making a difference in the world. 

You can use it to bring happiness to the people you love and care about. Money is and can be the root of good if you allow it to be.

It’s all about the way you perceive it and your intentions of using it.

It’s what you use to pay for hospital visits, to luxuriate in hotels, and pay for vacations. Money is also what allows you to have food on the table and a roof over your head.

But a big part of attracting the right opportunities is all about the mindset you have. If you build all these negative associations with money, this will be reflected in the thoughts you have and the beliefs you hold about yourself. 

 Your attitude will be pushing money away from you. So you can either get on the road to financial freedom and turn this year from one of unprecedented crises to one of unprecedented money or you can let your mental state determine your financial fate! 

How a growth mindset affects your health and relationships

When you build self-awareness around the thoughts you have and the self-talk you engage in, you also start, to begin to harness the power of creating your own reality. By redirecting your negativity towards more constructive and positive energy, every atom in your body starts to react accordingly. 

This is the law of attraction in its essence. Like attracts like. So when you take active steps towards a healthier and more fulfilling life, you also begin to attract like-minded people. Opening yourself up to the world of possibilities out there allows you to build and nurture strong bonds with others. 

This, in turn, affects your attitude, your perception of the world, and by extension, your behavior. When you’re in a good mental state, you also tend to focus more on your body’s needs, including physical health. You’re more prone to cultivate better habits and let go of toxic and destructive ones.

How to switch your mindset and attract opportunities your way

You can develop your own growth mindset worksheet to track your progress and touch base with every aspect of your life. Here are three actions you can take now that will fully transform your life to be more abundant, positive, and full of exciting possibilities.

No. 1) Don’t view someone who is better than you as a threat

Instead, think of all the things you can learn from them and the doors they could open for you. The people you think are intimidating or threatening may have the expertise and insight you’re looking for to get unstuck.

They may help you obtain answers to a problem that you’ve never thought of or considered before. Shift your thinking and recognize that every person you encounter is an opportunity for you to see things from a different angle. The fact that they’re more experienced isn’t something to shy away from, it’s rather one to embrace!

No. 2) Stay true to your values

They’re your internal compass and they’re what will help you stay grounded in the face of adversity. When you’re more assertive about your principles, you’re guiding the people around you to respect your boundaries. Moreover, when the goals you set for yourself align with what matters the most to you, the outcome will be much more rewarding. As a result, you will be in a much better mental state and your health will thrive. Engaging in pursuits and ventures that regularly connect to your intrinsic values, instead of extrinsic ones, can lead you to an abundance of successes in all three aspects of your life (wealth, health, and relationships).

No. 3) Keep your ‘why’ close

One of the most fundamental steps of setting goals and attracting the right opportunities is your ‘why’. This is what drives you to seek financial wealth and independence, what propels you to build strong relationships, and what pushes you to improve your mental and physical health. Your why is essential because it helps you see the bigger picture and find inner motivation despite how challenging or difficult of a time you’re going through.

The Takeaway

The right growth mindset will only attract opportunities your way if you’re fully aware of how your perception shapes your reality.

You have the power to draw more successes your way. Know that whatever you put out into the world, the same energy will come back to you!