The Rise of Female Entrepreneurship _ Dawn Demers

In recent years the economics in the U.S. has made a steady rise upward. Part of this can be seen due to the strength and success of small businesses. And one positive trend that can be seen with this is the rise of female entrepreneurship.

The number of women in business has been steadily rising over the past twenty years. Hundreds of women-owned businesses are sprouting up every single day, bringing with them new jobs, a positive influx in the local economies, and a strengthening of the communities they exist within. This positive trend is something many would love to see continue to grow. There are proposed adjustments to be made to confining taxes and regulations that may be impeding the growth of female-owned small businesses that could springboard more opportunities for female entrepreneurs.

Another benefit of the rise in female entrepreneurship is that female business owners tend to contribute larger percentages of their earnings to organizations and funds that benefit social good. This means more charities and places that need support to continue humanitarian and environmental efforts that benefit everybody. Women who are stepping into the world of entrepreneurship enjoy a break from social constraints and status quo. They may take their financial independence into their own hands, and cultivate a deeper level of control over her life.

Women in business may experience a higher level of mistreatment and difficulties, but this may correspond to the heightened level of social responsibility seen in female-owned businesses. There is a trend of valuing their impact on the community over the economic value they create. There is still a ways to go in terms of reaching equality in the number of women and men in entrepreneurship. But these recent months are proving that simply giving more women the opportunity and help to get started is all that’s needed for them to rise.

One important development is the mentality and culture of female entrepreneurship. Trends like “momtrepreneur” and “girl boss” are helping cultivate the perspective needed particularly by young girls and mothers, who may believe they lack the courage, time or strength. As we see more women entering the field, that inspiration is spreading outward. As more women prove that it’s possible to balance their lives and find the strength and perseverance to start a business, others are following suit.

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