Online education

The worldwide shutdown after the spread of coronavirus has not even spared schools and other educational institutions. This has given rise to online mode as an alternative, where pedagogy has taken a remote turn through various digital platforms to avoid educational loss. 

Online education has drastically brought a significant change in the education patterns not only it made the connection and learning easier, but the retention of data, concepts, lectures and notes also became easier with the availability of recordings and soft copies of the observations and summaries of the lectures.

Online learning did exist before the spread of covid-19 and was gaining sincere attention from students and teachers across the globe. Numerous lessons, short term courses, crash courses were taking place online. But in the wake of covid-19  online learning has risen to a much greater extent, with no other alternative available this has become a sole resort to cope up with losses.

Ed-tech was already growing and presumably, its worth was speculated to reach nearly $350 billion in 2025. However, the surge after the pandemic has raised expectations. The online movement has appeared as a revolution in the education industry by adding substantial convenience for students and teachers especially, in such hard times when both risking education and health is devastating. 

However, this change didn’t have much support from many and as a result, it made people sceptical about the potential outcomes but the prolonged practice of this mode made people used to it and surprisingly it didn’t fail to deliver the desired effect. The use of online education whether for school or tuition has been proven immensely beneficial for students.

Some crucial benefits of online learning that became popular because of covid-19.

  • Gave the geographical convenience. 
  • Remote learning became possible.
  • Retention of information became easier.
  • Human interaction was limited but not omitted, it became possible through screens.
  • Became a relatively affordable mode of education.
  • Easy access
  • Basic computer knowledge and good Internet connection are enough to study online.
  • Taught time management and organisational skills to students while being at home.

The future that education technology beholds is assumed to be unconducive to sustain by many who think that it was just the need of the hour and not a permanent solution, others believe that this is going to accelerate further, not only it will make learning accessible but also easier. And subsequently, online learning will profoundly integrate with school and tuition in future.

This sounds inconclusive as to what the future holds will only be explained by the future. Nevertheless, online learning mode after the pandemic has become a hybrid model of education. Which means the complete dismissal is not smart. 

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