Amidst the outbreak situation, our government strongly suggest us to stay at home. This impacted people for the last three weeks to start working from home including the school kids and university students that undeniably need to shift their learning session to an online system. Of course, the situation itself forced people to manage their time wiser, not to mention how it’s also fostering the usage of technology injected into these two activities; work and learning.

But every flexibility comes with a great cost, we know that in Jakarta itself it’s really easy to spot women who are building careers and family at once. Wonder how the last three weeks impacted the way this working mom’s perspective, in a daily routine maybe it’s quite forgiven when their not really nailed every domestic job perfectly. But how about now?

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Going to the office constantly helps the way they shift their priorities, but now everyone is at home. Ensuring every tick box being checked might drive a Lil bit hard. It’s also how to make sure that kids are delivering the same results on their education stuff. And this is not the easy thing when those collapses at the same time. 

I believe that this situation impacts their mental health condition, especially for those who likely want to nail everything they are done. In psychology, there’s an infamous term called The Superwoman Syndrome. This syndrome,  based on Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis on, is a syndrome that women are continually striving to accomplish everything possible perfectly.  And have not learned how to put themselves as a top priority.

Why is it so reluctant nowadays that this syndrome occurs to working moms? because it’s become compulsory to protect the family and get the job done while the access is limited.  So, if you’re a working mom and you find that the conditions above might suits you now, acknowledge The Superwoman Syndrome by seeing this list of questions,

  • Do you want to do everything correctly without exception?
  • Do you find it hard to say “No”?
  • Did you think that you can do all or most things in your life just on your own?
  • You’re feeling down every time you can’t accomplish something, or you’re not doing it as you wish?
  • Are you happy with yourself? And how good do you think you’ve taken your roles?

Those five questions may help you to identify yourself if the answer mostly were “Yes” then you need to take a break and use this moment to re-identify how likely you set some space for yourself.

This is novel ways that elaborated by some psychology experts and researchers on how to overcome and keep your mind healthy as a working mom,

Know Your Limitation 

Who is the best person to identify yourself? It’s You! By simply being open to your own about your limitations when doing things, is the best way for you to avoid stress and stay innovative. It’s okay to set an hour to practice or simply have me-time.

Practicing to “say NO.” 

Some of us are having a hard time when it comes to rejecting a favor, we’re afraid of judging as an unhelpful person. But you need to remember that, it might be helpful to keep yourself on track. We need to admit that we’re not always available for others, because of the coincidence itself.

Start to Believe in Others

We know that people let us down so many times, but it doesn’t mean that you must carry it all alone. A group task is made to foster humans to collaborate and learn the idea of “consensus socially”. Think twice of why you want to handle everything on your own because the line between selfish and selfless is very slight.

You Need Help from Others

Applying feminism in life doesn’t mean that asking and getting help from others is a degrading act for your independence. Like the first point said, we have a limit and to reach the standard you set for yourself, you probably need hands from people, even at least just in the form of suggestion. Involving your partner and setting some house rules with your family members might ease the sudden transformation.

Don’t Avoid Your Inner Circle Opinions

One of the most things that occur in women with Superwoman Syndrome is We don’t want to take the blame on us. Why? We think it was a sign of failure. To be the best version of you can be, you also need to listen and look in the mirror of what you’ve done or what kind of people you’ve turned into during this uncertain situation.

So, if previously you were already defying yourself suffering Superwoman Syndrome, hopefully, these things will help you. Like how the English proverb said: “Discretion is the greater part of valor.”


  • Gita Suliawan

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    Gita Suliawan is a marketing public relations practitioner and assistant lecturer at Universitas Indonesia. She demonstrated a history of working as a marketer and media relations. Suliawan's focus on human development also makes her involves to contribute to numerous specific projects which aiming youth and student since she was a high school student. Her previous projects are such as Indonesia Youth Forum, Indonesia Student Forum and ASEAN+ Children Festival, those are under her contribution to Indonesia Student and Youth Forum, ASEAN Youth Leader Association (AYLA), and others.