It’s true! 

If any body had told me just under two years ago that I would be leading the life I do now, I would shut them down with laughter whilst having a secret moment (or ten!) of envy over the thought of it. 

Speaking on stage, influencing the world, creating money within my life that would finally pay off the debt and create freedom for women out there who were suffering or have suffered, pain. 

My vision was to leave a legacy. To show others that nothing, absolutely nothing, you have seen, felt, heard, been, done or said, can steal you of your vision and purpose whilst you stay attuned and focused. 

This is coming from the woman who has seen and done it all. Anorexia, suicides, grief, loss, addictions, an unstable childhood, domestic violence, sexual trauma… You name – I’ve been there… but there had to be a reason. Something bigger. A lesson of some sort. 

These experiences couldn’t be wasted. I had a story to tell, a message to share, a vision to chase and I was determined that I would no longer be silenced. 

I also know of thousands of other women who have the same want. 

The same dream. 

She sits up at night whilst applying her night cream, dreaming of the life she wishes to create. 

She thinks about it whilst falling asleep, doing her hair, driving to do her weekly shop – and longs for a moment of breakthrough. 

Yet when it comes to stepping in to her dream and rising up with a tight grip on her vision, theres a block which usually goes by the name ‘what will they think’ or ‘what if I can’t do it’ or ‘what will my family say’ or ‘Im not smart enough to create a 6 figure business’ or ‘who am I to believe or even try’

I mean, the list goes on but you get the gist. 

Its common, its often and it breaks my heart. 

It breaks my heart that there are women out there who are powerful power house women who are sitting on destiny. Who are yet to be awakened and are not yet aware of just how powerful they really are. 

You see this woman has probably been told she isn’t good enough, she’s probably carrying whole lot of beliefs which don’t belong to her.

She isn’t yet aware that she was assigned a mountain and that it is written within her story to create to create a whole new path for those who are yet to make it. 

She is unaware that her power is her story, her past, her secrets… and that when she learns to bear all corners of her soul in order to connect and empower those around her – the money and the global impact is always a result. 

She is yet to see that by setting her past on fire like a bonfire and using it as a beacon of light for others to gravitate to, is her purpose. 

So, what is my intention throughout this message? what is the purpose? What do I want to leave you with?

Its simple. 

You are powerful. If you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hands. 

You are assigned mountains in this life in order to move them – to rise up with a roar in your belly that nobody can silence. 

That hurt, that pain, those words, that action – they are all set back in disguise, in reality they are complete set ups. 

Each and every pain you have ever endured can absolutely be your testimony of breakthrough and light – and its your time to shine this out, as far out, for others to gravitate to. 

Be the fighter, the power house, the fearless… be the one creates a path way which hasn’t yet been carved out. 

Be the one who dares to be and influences those around her to step up as leader. 

Be the entrepreneur, the influencer and the woman who dares to roar her authenticity, and refuses to silence her truth. 

Be the woman who has change in her heart and hold on to that as you continue to rise, rise, rise. 

You have the power within you to create a business, an empire, a life, a change with all that you already have – the art is opening your eyes and awakening to the gifts you already have…

because when we do this, absolutely anything is possible. 

To you 

Your dreams

And your destiny 

Rise up Goddess