Feel like something is missing in your life? You probably look like you’re doing well. But deep down, you feel there’s a void you need to fill in order to have better performance?

You might feel stuck in a monotonous job or work that doesn’t give you a sense of purpose. Your current relationships are not fulfilling. You feel like you’re not the kind of leader that you would like to be. Health-wise, you’re not sick but you’re not in great shape either.

In other words, you are not exactly getting what you want in life. You’re living, but not really thriving. And you can’t seem to get out of your current situation, which has become a cycle of either trials and errors or routines that take the life out of you. You can’t pinpoint what’s wrong, but a voice inside you tells you to do something about it.

What’s Missing In Your Life?

Seventy-one percent of millennials are not engaged or unhappy in their jobs. Studies reveal that one in five 25-34 year-old professionals are not happy with their work-life balance.

If you feel that something is missing in your life, listen. You’re probably not fulfilling your full potential. You can do more and be so much more. It’s a reminder for you to check what might be holding you back from achieving the best possible results in all areas of your life.

You have two options here: to remain where you are or to start taking action.

As a mindset coach, my clients often ask me: “I want to be happier, more successful, fulfilled, but how do I get there?”

The Road Map of High Performance

There is a specific road map that you can follow to achieve what you want in life, even if you’re not sure what it is yet. This road map, in fact, starts with the discovery of your own values to help you find out what will bring you the greatest satisfaction in life.

When people think of high performance, the first image that often comes to mind is that of a world class athlete who has broken records. That’s because no athlete was ever born great. What they achieved was a result of thousands of hours of practice, focus, motivation, and resilience. Winning athletes have all used the same patterns for achieving their success in their chosen fields.

To help you get started on your journey to fulfilment, I have outlined the road map of these high achievers.

Gain clarity about your core values.

The first step to achieving more and realising your full potential is to gain awareness of your values. Your core values are your life compass, helping you make critical decisions that can influence your level of satisfaction in life.

Notice how you feel balanced and fulfilled when events in your life happen according to your values. But as soon as you miss or violate a core value, you’d feel lost, frustrated and even angry. Goals guided by your core values direct your time and energy to where they should be. The process of reaching for your goals then becomes a fulfilling experience, rewarded with a sense of purpose and success.

Know your belief system.

Your behaviour is directly linked to your beliefs. You limiting beliefs could be negative self-talk preventing you from taking a step towards growth. Some examples are: “I’m bad at numbers”, “Luck is a big contributor to success”, “Most married couples are unhappy” etc.

These beliefs are deeply embedded in your subconscious and you’re often not aware of them. They have been installed in you before you turned 7, before you could even think for yourself. But that’s alright, you can break those disempowering beliefs and create new patterns of success.

Set goals and take action.

People often mistake motion for action. When you’re in motion, you’re busy but that doesn’t mean you’re productive. When you’re in action, you’re taking deliberate steps that produce your desired result. Motion does not have a direction; action is guided by a direction.

To get results, set specific goals that are challenging enough to put you in the flow state. The flow state is simply the point of peak performance. It’s where you feel you’re most productive and creative. By creating a strategy and breaking your goal down to small pieces, you will be able to act on it now instead of later.

Get the right tools.

High successful people don’t have secrets, they have rituals and tools. Whether it’s about clearing the mind through meditation or grounding practices via yoga, adopting routines can help you gain clarity and stay focused on achieving your goals.

Visualisation is one of those rituals and tools that have been used by highly successful individuals. Once you have set your goals, visualise yourself achieving them and being where you want to be. Visualising yourself achieving your goal works because it conditions your brain to actually do it.

Have the right mindset.

The right mindset is the growth mindset. This mindset welcomes challenges, does not fear failure, and is always open to growing emotionally and professionally. It seeks learning instead of receiving approval. The 3 keys to having a growth mindset are to focus on learning, staying out of distractions, and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Think of areas of your life that you can improve or try to do something that you’ve never done before. This is what it means to go out of your comfort zone. Going back to your belief system, be aware of past experiences or persistent ideas that are hindering or distracting you from your goals. Face difficulties with creativity and eagerness to learn. This will help nurture a growth mindset and build confidence as you discover your abilities more.

Do you want to design your own road map to getting the best out of life? Connect with me and we’ll talk about how you can work on your individual path to happiness, success, and fulfilment.