woman struggling with depression

Depression can be caused by a variety of factors. Taking the time to learn about them is important in preventing it in your own life. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, it can act as a guide toward what’s causing a mental health problem like depression.


Depression is more likely in those whose relatives have experienced it as well. Although it might be believed that depression is caused by the stressors of life, it can also be directly related to genetics. Even someone who seems to have had it easy can be susceptible to depression if a parent or grandparent has experienced it. 

Situational Changes 

Major life changes can be a trigger for depression as well. Going through a job change, getting fired, or losing a loved one can all be stressful. Similarly, stressful situations over time can build up, or a traumatic event can take a toll on mental health. These changes may cause emotional reactions which can lead to depressive symptoms. 

Sometimes when a traumatic event occurs we can develop maladaptive coping mechanisms – like self harm, substance abuse, and more. If this is your story, it can be a good idea to find professional help. If you are worried about the cost of therapy, your insurance might be able to help. Searching something like “Cigna rehab” online can help you find what your insurance covers. 

Poor Sleeping Habits 

Along with poor sleeping habits causing depression, they can also be a symptom of depression. Often, sleeping patterns are dictated by day-to-day obligations. Overworking or stress can cause people to lose sleep. Along with this, restlessness, lack of energy, and tiredness are other symptoms of depression. 

Seasonal Changes 

Some may experience mood changes or symptoms of depression when the seasons change. If you feel lethargic and lack energy for your usual activities, you may be experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This usually occurs in the fall or winter months when the days are shorter, and can go away during spring and summer when the sun is out longer. 


Once again, your diet can be both a cause and symptom of depression. When you do not fuel your body right, your mental health can suffer the consequences. Similarly, depression can cause lack of energy and make people feel like what they eat doesn’t matter. Or, people will turn to comfort food to try and find relief. 

Being a Woman 

Women are more likely than men to be diagnosed with depression. This is due to a variety of factors such as hormonal factors, social roles, or coping styles. 

Another factor is giving birth. Women can be susceptible to emotional changes after giving birth. Postpartum depression is a major issue that new moms face – and it is more common than many think. 


Certain medications can cause side effects such as depression. Although medication can be prescribed by a doctor, the side effects can be detrimental to the patient’s overall health. Not only can the medication itself bring on depression, some can cause dependence. When someone is dependent on a substance, there is a likelihood that their mental health will suffer as well. 

There are drug treatment facilities that can help many with the mental health problems they’ve encountered due to substance abuse. 


There are so many factors that attribute to a depression diagnosis. From daily habits to genetic factors, depression can affect anyone. It is important to take care of yourself and maintain a healthy mind. This works simultaneously with maintaining healthy habits and avoiding substance use. Learning about these causes is the first step in the journey towards a healthy mind.