I recently interviewed an entrepreneur in the live series Business Mentorship; Keepin’ It Real who has over 30 years of business experience. Towards the end of our discussion, she revealed her passion for fitness!  At the age of 60, she embarked on a journey to walk in 5K races and commit to a health and wellness plan.  In fact, she has become and advocate for people of any age to put on a pair of running shoes and at the very least walk to better health.

Who knew? 

I became a Certifed Personal Trainer at the age of 49 as part of my recovery from corporate burnout.  At the time, my motivation was to learn how to recognize the signs and signals to avoid another episode in the future, while committing to a healthy lifestyle change.

It was part of my recovery.

I did work in a gym as a personal trainer, working on periodized programs for other fitness enthusiasts of all ages. It wasn’t long before I realized that each persons commitment to a wellness plan usually follows a life changing event. Now, I combine these resources when working with business owners as part of my coaching practise.

The quest for a healthy lifestyle should be something that we incorporate into everyday life as part of our regular routine.  The fast pace of life seems to dictate the time we have available when we are constantly racing from one commitment to another. Time is often the enemy or excuse as some would say when we are unable to squeeze another time slot into the daily calendar.

In recent weeks, we’ve all had the chance to recalibrate our personal GPS by taking a good look at the benefits of a solid fitness plan and how it contributes to our well being.

We’ve certainly had the time and it has been a great way to enjoy the fresh air and reconnect with our communities.

We all know that regular exercise is good for both our mind and body.  It is easy to list all of the benefits. Pick up any fitness magazine or read a few articles on-line and you will find a number of reasons to support the direct relationship between movement and good health. With our aging population, there are even discussions that include the benefits on the aging process.

Who knew?  

As we begin to transition back to the business of our business, I wonder how many running shoes will begin to collect dust at the back of the closet?  At the moment, I will be looking to purchase a new pair of shoes – clocking in 40 50 miles each week for the last 20 weeks has taken its toll on the condition of my shoes.  Not that I’m complaining; I’ve never felt better.

I think every individual has to find a reason to commit to a long term plan in order to continue on the fitness journey.  As we’ve been able to enjoy the benefits of walking in our neighbourhoods, perhaps, it will ignite a passion to continue the trend.

After all, we are now enjoying the health benefits from something we found in the back of our closet. 

Who knew?  

There are many reasons to stay healthy and fit at any age; just commit to owning a pair of well worn shoes!

Trish Tonaj is a Master Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Certifed in EQ – Emotional Intelligence, Author, Mentor and Speaker. She is the founder and guest blog host for shareyourstories.online a portal in support of the entrepreneurial spirit and sharing great ideas.  Join us and share your story!  https://bit.ly/37N3XQw