Did you know that the menstrual cycle holds the key to a woman’s creativity, productivity, and even profitability?

In essence, it holds the key to her success!

 Like most women, I started tracking my cycle for birth control reasons, but as I tracked it I noticed a stark correlation between the phases of the cycle and my performance in my professional life.

As I was struggling through a project, wondering why my focus and energy was off, I realized that I was working against my body and it’s natural power.

I always thought of my period as just something that happened every month, which was often a big nuisance, and made me feel weird or dare I say, “crazy”.

Most women are taught to see the menstrual cycle singularly as the moments when they have their period. Many women grow up with feelings of shame and embarrassment around menstruation. Especially in our largely patriarchal world where women are taught to reject, and hence, take this key part of our biological function for granted.

Contrarily, we are never taught of our cycle’s sacredness, creativity, and wisdom.  As I got exposed to the work of Dr. Christiane Northrup and others, I began to appreciate the sacredness of the female cycle.

Unlike what most women have been told, the menstrual cycle is scientifically proven to be a key to success, because each of the 4 phases of the cycle elicits certain hormones that directly affect a woman’s work, productivity, and creativity.

My whole life changed when I decided to harness the power and wisdom of my cycle and begin to align my work with the phases of the menstrual cycle. I began to feel more clear-headed, aligned, productive, creative, joyful, and even more prosperous!

Cycle syncing is not new, it is ancient wisdom used for centuries to help women achieve extraordinary success, yet I could not find a system that puts it into everyday practice, so I created the PERIOD Method™a simple process that helps women sync their work with their menstrual cycle so they can be more productive, creative, profitable and joyful.

PERIOD Method Circle

This method is inclusive and respectful of LGBTQIA+ rights therefore wherever the word women is mentioned in this article it means women+ (inclusive of those who have access to the menstrual cycle, but do not necessarily identify as women)

Below are 4 steps to harnessing your cycle for extraordinary success.

Step 1:

Discover the phases of the menstrual cycle and their power:

The menstrual cycle is much more than just the period. There are 4 phases of the menstrual cycle; each eliciting certain hormones that directly affects a woman’s work and life. In order to explain this in it’s simplest form I will introduce you to the PERIOD Method™.

Phase 4 – Menstruation (days 1-5)

P– eriod = Reflection and Intuition

E-nable inner guidance

        The PERIOD Method starts in phase 4 – when the period begins because that is the most apparent place for women to identify and track. This is a time to prioritize “Reflection and Intuition”.

         According to scientists when a woman menstruates she has more access to analytical and intuitive reasoning because the left and right hemispheres of the brain communicate more powerfully. Therefore the menstrual stage is a time of heightened intuition and a time when the body naturally slows down, urging women to pause, reflect and be open to intuitive guidance.

Of course the world doesn’t stop for our periods so we won’t always be able to totally pause, but the most important idea here; is that we are mindful enough to incorporate self-care practices that allow us to reflect and access our intuitive guidance, like: meditation, creative visualization, journaling, and other practices. 

        During this time, reflect on the past month, celebrate your progress – big and small; and be sure to plan for the phases ahead.

Phase 1 – Follicular (days 6-14)

R-elease Creative Super Woman to

I-lustrate and express ideas/projects

This is the “Creative Super Woman” phase when a woman’s hormones are at a low point and the body begins to increase estrogen. These circumstances lend itself to heightened productivity and creativity. During this time you are open and energized to take on new projects and power through current ones. This is the time to illustrate and express your ideas.

This is the perfect time to unleash your creativity – start a new project, rev up an existing project, brainstorm, and plan projects ahead.

Phase 2 – Ovulatory (days 15-17)

O-vulatory phase – Magnetic Communicator                 

        During this phase you become a “Magnetic Communicator” because during ovulation your brain chemistry causes your verbal skills to be at its highest point. This is the perfect time to have important conversations, since your ability to communicate and collaborate are heightened.

        Since you are most irresistible during this time, plan ahead – book your activities that rely heavily on collaboration and communication.

Phase 3 – Luteal (days 18-28)

D-o it  – Focus and Implement

        During this phase the brain is most task oriented. This is your time to “Do it – Focus & Implement.” Because of your brain’s chemistry at this time it’s easy to focus and pay attention to detail. During this time you experience heightened pleasure of completing projects.

This is the longest phase of the cycle, which gives you time to fine tune projects and bring things to completion.

The final 2-3 days of this phase might include “pre-period blues” for some people, so if that happens to you, just be mindful, and be kind to yourself during this time when your mind brings up low energy thoughts. Prepare and plan for this energy lull by adding activities into your life that raise your energy and keep you out of the mind muck during the final days of the luteal phase.

The cycle repeats – Back to phase 4

Each person’s body is different so the length of the cycle can vary, but the rhythm and function of the phases remain the same. Although the PERIOD Method™ is based on a 28-day cycle it can easily be customized to your needs as you become familiar with the phases and their function.

Even if your cycle isn’t typical or is  “irregular” the PERIOD Method™ can help you become more in tune with your body and emotions so you can achieve higher performance in your work and personal life.

So now that you have an awareness of the unique power each phase carries you will want to take the following steps if you wish to incorporate this power into your life:

Step 2:

Set goals for your business/career and personal life

Step 3:

Block off each month using the PERIOD Method™ Planner or a method of your choice.

If you want to truly tap into this powerful wisdom then you must turn it into a habit by using a system that encourages you to take “microsteps”. When I was on my journey I couldn’t find a system that did this for me, and so I created a monthly planner that made it easy to apply the PERIOD Method in microsteps every single day. As described by Arianna Huffington microsteps are “small, incremental, science-backed actions we can take that will have both immediate and long-lasting benefits to the way we live our lives.”

Step 4:

Sync your goals/projects with your unique cycle so you can experience greater creativity, productivity, joy, and profitability. For example: try to schedule your important projects for phase one when your creativity and productivity is heightened; schedule your most important communication projects during phase two when you are a magnetic communicator; pay attention to detail during phase 3 when it’s easier to focus; and when you have your period in phase four prioritize self-care, reflection and openness to intuitive wisdom.

Through body alignment and cycle syncing women can strategically unleash their hidden advantage in this “man’s world” that often puts women at a disadvantage.

Every time I share this system I hear women say “I wish I had known about this earlier.” With this work I strive to eliminate this statement, because this power should be in the hands of every person with a cycle starting as early as possible so that we can use our feminine power to propel us to our highest expression and be free from societal norms that force us to try to achieve like men.

I hope this article helps more women wake up to their power and begin to take advantage of the scientific connection between her monthly flow and her professional flow. When a woman begins to capitalize on this knowledge and natural ability she becomes unstoppable!

Excerpt from Periods to Profits Planner – A microstep system that helps you to: Sync Your Goals With Your Cycle and Unleash Your Greatest Success!

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