As a Feng Shui Expert, I talk about the importance of creating Sacred Space. I sometimes take for granted that people even know what I mean by that. Let me explain… Sacred Space is like your own personal paradise where the aesthetic, imagery and symbolism reflects your ideal personal narrative! It is clean, orderly, energetically aligned and curated, beautiful, comfortable, supportive, productive, stimulating, nourishing, inspiring space. I have some pretty high standards, but when you live in this kind of positive environment, you are guaranteed to have a more successful, happy and fulfilling life. Science, psychology and good old common sense support this. So many studies speak to ones environment being the dominant force leading to our success or failure in life. The right kind of nurturing can transcend nature.

There is the Nurture over Nature Study from North Carolina University and the Rat Park Study conducted in the late 1970’s to name a few. Both these studies illuminate just how profoundly important a positive environment is to our well being, success, happiness and health. A quote from the Nurture over Nature Study states; “The most important implication of this study is that people with the same genetic makeup can be in different environments and have different expression profiles,” Idaghdour says. “The same gene can be expressed in the city but not in a rural place because of the environment. So you must look at the environment when studying associations between genes and disease.” In the Rat Park Study, the take away is simple. The road to addiction and self destruction is closely tied to toxic and demoralizing environments. The road to recovery is a positive, healthy and nourishing environment.

You can create the foundation for your success with good Feng Shui and Space Clearing. In all the ways that you can, try consciously choosing and creating the most inspiring and nourishing surroundings for yourself. Sometimes that means moving or changing jobs or omitting toxic people from your life. I have lived and worked in toxic environments and paid the price and so have most people.

I have seen first hand both personally and through my clients, how we can transform our lives by changing and improving our environments. Really good Feng Shui and Space Clearing can up the ante and even help people manifest their greatest desires by aligning and making space in their environments for them. When you combine Feng Shui and Space Clearing you create a powerful kind of alchemy that works on multiple levels to bring about and manifest ones deepest desires. When I say different levels, I mean physical, psychological and energetic. What you are communicating with your space impacts your subconscious mind, conscious mind, other people and the universe on an energetic level. Even if you don’t understand the energetic component, you can certainly recognize the mental, psychological and obvious physical impact of your environment on your experience of life. You are immersed in your environment on a daily basis so it’s no wonder it’s such an important factor in how your life plays out. Is your environment safe? I don’t necessarily mean are there guns going off though that would be problematic… I mean are there sharp edges you can hurt yourself on, uncomfortable surfaces like poor seating or a lumpy mattress with no support or negative imagery that is depressing? Guess what; these issues will impact your health and your sense of well-being and comfort, not to mention the symbolic and metaphorical implications to your narrative. Feng Shui is not just about aesthetic. It is also about harmony, comfort, safety, metaphor, elemental balance, yin & yang, proportion, functionality, placement and alignment with energetic themes. It’s a beautiful language that puts you in dialogue with universal forces that can help support you.

“You change the container, you change the contents.” Bruce Lipton, Developmental Biologist.

I have seen clients bring new and renewed love, new life (babies), new or improved careers, improved health, wealth, happiness and well-being into their lives by aligning their environments with their wishes. Nourish yourself with environmental influences and cues that promote well-being, and support your ambitions. Helping people do this is part of my job and gives me the greatest pleasure!

How do I get started? Good question! Everything starts with a clean slate, so before you even call me to come over, take a look around. Clean and edit your space to the best of your ability. I’m talking deep cleaning, serious De-cluttering and editing. Organize yourself; make your life easier by removing the energetic weight that is hovering over you when you have clutter and disorder.

“The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up” by Marie Kondo.

In my estimation, this book is the best precursor to Feng Shui or Space Clearing. It can help you to create a clean slate with a practical and actionable protocol. You can buy it on Amazon!

When you are ready to create Sacred Space, I can help. Call me 415 902–4846 or email me at [email protected]. I work locally in Los Angeles, California and virtually with clients all over the world via Skype and Face-time. I’m available for speaking and teaching engagements as well. Visit to learn more about me and Feng Shui. Let me know what is going on with you and your space. If you know your square footage and provide me with location, I can give you a quote and availability. Let’s make Sacred Space and design your happy place!!!

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