There was an instant chemistry between myself and the stone castle and cathedral. My eyes feasted upon this charming coastal town of Scotland as though I was discovering the a beach for the first time. It was magic. This town that felt as though I were on the edge of the earth. Meet the place known as Dornoch, Scotland.

Few people will ever experience its charm, yet if you do, it will wrap your soul in a warm embrace and never let go. Scotland in itself is pure delight, and without renting a car, I would have never been able to find this shoreline that breathed new life into me.

Dornoch was simple beauty. At the stone hotel, Dornoch Castle, was where I met Mr. J.G.P. Campbell. He was a delightful gentleman born and raised in Dornoch, an Oxford Scholar who had returned to live out the last years of life in his small hometown. He introduced himself immediately, as he recognized my girlfriend and I were tourists. And, this was exactly how I came to fall deeper in love with its authenticity.

The main cathedral is in fact where Madonna was married. The golf course, Royal Dornoch, world renowned. The Championship Course, both a challenge and a delight, as it takes even the most elite player’s breath away with its natural beauty and sea views. Ranked number five in the world by Golf Digest in 2016, I was honored to take a shot at the pin on #7.

In Dornoch, the tagline is “You Can Do It All From Here”. With 7 Churches, 5 Golf Courses, 1 Cathedral, 2 Universities, 3 Castles, 4 Golf Clubs, 4 Distilleries, 5 Pubs, 6 Hotels, 7 Churches, 8 Rivers, and 9 Doctors, it is a fairytale setting amongst 1200 village people. Whilst the golfers play, others may enjoy the quaint shops and cafes, or enjoy what Scotland is famous for — Scotch.

While visiting, one must enjoy conversation and a drink by the fire at the Dornoch Castle Hotel. It will give you a true taste of the local flavor, and I highly recommend tasting the craft gin the hotel is distilling. If you enjoy five star dining, dinner at the Royal Golf Hotel is a must. The menu changes with the season, but they always offering something fresh from the sea.

Dornoch Beach will forever be in my top 10, not for warmth, but for its stunning elements. The stone kissed by moss sitting amongst the morning light producing the sight of milk chocolate sand will linger in my heart forever.

A section of the North Coast 500, a scenic drive showcasing the best the North Highlands has to offer, Dornoch’s elegance is in its small town feel and historic roots. Dating back to the 1200’s, this village stands in humble nobility.

Dornoch is one of the places movies are made of, yet you don’t feel as though they truly exist. The journey through Dornoch starts by stepping outside the norm. By leaving Edinburgh or Glasgow and finding a place where you slow down to go fast. Two nights here were moments of time that took me to a new place, an edge of meaning.

Dornoch is imprinted on my life journey. It will forever be the place that beckons you to forget technology exists. The place that teaches you to drive a little bit further or take another step, because you will greatly be rewarded for walking outside of the ordinary. Dornoch exemplifies every-day happiness and long-term impact.

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