Planetary Crisis

We’re in the midst of a planetary crisis.

We’re literally living the effects of globalization—the good, the bad and the ugly.

Things are boiling and moving in confusion and pain—namely in America—as the world looks on and struggles to understand exactly what is happening, and where things are headed.

As Carl Jung lamented, we are boldly entering into a brave new consciousness with unthinkably speedy advances in modern technology that clash head on with the archaic prima materia that populates our subconscious, which has yet to be either purged or transmuted from our psyches. This means that we are trying—as a human family—to make sense of complicated processes, resolve global tensions on a personal level, and maintain our sanity—simultaneously. Let me provide two examples.

We know that human trafficking exists. But when it happens to a colleague’s niece who lives somewhere in the GTA*, everything changes. It suddenly hits close to home. We know that lockdown was promoted for our good, yet when we learn that people are becoming adversely psychologically impacted we rightfully ask what the consequence will be in the next thirty years. How will children born in the age of the coronavirus pandemic—Covid-19—understand and see the world? Will they experience the same freedom that those born prior to the pandemic did? Will they know what it feels like to not wear a mask and not practice physical distancing? What will the psychological ramifications of lockdown be on these children?  

The First Wave

In addition to the above crisis-like waves is another wave. This wave—let’s call it the first wave—is harder to describe. It’s a wave that was born in confinement, in the time when we didn’t rush out to see a movie, pick up the phone to call a friend, or thoughtlessly run out to shop. This wave constituted waves of love and support that were poured onto us. The first wave is what allowed us to remember that we are not alone, that our Creator—or universal benevolence—actively supported us (and continues to support us) in hard times.

The first wave helped us understand that there were factors at work other than those we saw in the media. The first wave offered good news stories and infused us with a calm certainty that whatever was happening, everything would—ultimately—be alright. It helped us realign our energy and we instinctively knew who we could no longer spend time with, and who we really needed to be with! The first wave caused a separating process that separated the greedy from the generous, the violent from the peacemakers, the rash from the pondered, the fearful from the fearless, and the bullies from the meek.

The Second Wave

The good news is that a second wave is coming. The second wave is a natural by-product of the first. This means that the momentum created by the first wave will produce the second.

You may rightfully ask, But what is generating such waves? What is the force that drives them? The force that drives such waves is one that rebels against the plagues of disease, injustice, inequity, despair and oppression. It’s a force that wants all people to be well and equitably enjoy the bountiful resources that our planet has to offer. It’s a force that rises up when oppressive forces exceed the bounds of what humanity and our planet can bear.

The second wave is coming.

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Luba Rascheff is Founder and President of Luba Rascheff Consultancy and Creator of Take it to the Next Level.

*Greater Toronto Area.