Find the real you! Don't let assignments take your inner peace away!!

I feel pissed…

I don’t know why everything is being so disastrous?

I don’t know if I am happy with the real me or not. Will I be able to achieve my goals or will I always be a loser?

Each time I have a bad day at work these thoughts flood my mind and I feel weak and dizzy.

Well, this was my story a few months back.

I had struggled to adjust myself, keep myself happy, and also to keep myself aware of things around. But with the continuous struggle of balancing the work-life and the life I want, I saw myself failing. In those tough days, a friend of mine gave me a secret remedy, “An A4 Size Journal.” Yes, a simple journal with a beautiful pen and a motivational quote to keep me going. I wasn’t sure if this remedy was going to work.

“Writing in a journal reminds you of your goals and of your learning in life. It offers a place where you can hold a deliberate, thoughtful conversation with yourself.”

–Robin Sharma

Certainly, in the hustle-bustle of life, I wasn’t very sure if anything could make things fall in place. But, since it was a gift and I was in terrible need of diverting my mind, I decided to write into the journal daily.

!!!checkpoint: I chose to write in the night, just before the sleep to jot down the good and the bad of the day and also have a small plan for the next day ready.

Well, after a month of writing, one lazy afternoon I was reading my journal, when the idea of turning journal writing into a challenge struck my mind. This was the first step to realising how this one habit of journaling has changed my life forever.

Hold your horses guys, here I’ve shared the secret that was not just an escape for me but also helped me find the real me. Also, this trick is going to make your life sorted and help you achieve your goals.

“Journal writing, when it becomes a ritual for transformation, is not only life-changing but life-expanding.”

Jen Williamson

Add the new ritual to your list and see how your life transforms for the best.

The one problem that most of you would face when beginning to write your journal is “How to Start Journaling?” The challenge is the rescue to this problem. On a daily basis, I have listed here thirty things that you need to write one in a day to get the best out of this exercise.

!!!checkpoint: Continuous journaling helps you aware of your goals and dreams. Also, it helps you realise what are a few things that are pushing you towards pessimism.

15 Days “Journal Remedy” to Find the Real You


Talk About Yourself

Easy. Write something very basic about yourself. The good the bad, something you love about yourself, a few things that you want to change. Talk about everything. Since this is day 1 of your journaling month don’t push yourself to write a lot. A few things about yourself that would make you confident are more than enough.

Goodnight diary and have a sound sleep.

!!!checkpoint: Address your diary like you would address your friend. Give it a name, or simply “Diary” would do.

**Fact Time**

Anne Frank called her diary Kitty and the book “Diary of a Young Girl” is what she has written in it during the war-time.


What Do You Like and Dislike?

Yes, your new friend wants to know it all about you. Tell it what you like the most and why. Suppose you tell it you love to read, also let it know you like it because books keep you engaged and they take you to places you never thought of. If you love to cook, let your journal also know why. This why keeps you positive. When you think of the good things in life, you are skipping the bads. As you move further you’ll realize how important it is for you to keep in touch with yourself as compared to anyone else around.


How Was Your Day?

The diary wants to know the details. Mention it all. What did you do in the office? How did your day start? Did you meet someone new? Talk about everything and anything to make sure you did not miss anything. This would make it easy for you to analyze your day and find the voids where you could have saved your time and energy and utilized the same in something productive.

Let your journal be the mirror of your day and help you declutter everything that does not need a space in your schedule.


A Secret You Never Shared

Your secret is safe in the pages. Share something that has changed you as a person. Something that you have never told anyone but know it is an important part of your existence. Let it flow through the words and see how you calm you would feel. Many of us carry the burden of negatives and secrets. Spilling it here would make life a little easier.

#realitycheck: I never knew penning things down would help. But it actually helped and this is why I am writing this post.


Let us plan a trip.

Write the list of places that you want to visit in your next vacation. It could be your dream trip or somewhere just to chill with your friends. Let your journal know the bucket list of places you want to explore. This list will keep you motivated to strike down one place after the other and thus, the enthusiasm is never down.


What Music Band You Like the Best?

Are you a music person? Which is your favorite band? Let the journal know about you a little. You guys need to know each other to be best friends. Well, when you talk about something you love you charge yourself with positive energy that helps you have a peaceful sleep. Also, talking about something you love after a long tiring day is going to keep you charged all the while.


Your Favorite Read/Reads So Far

You’re a book person? Talk to your journal about the best read of the month so far. Let it know why you liked the book and what were the main protagonists. Write the story in a few words, giving it your twist. You can imagine yourself being the main protagonist and talk about your perspective in the story. There could be a lot more things that you can sum up to.

If not a book person, talk about something you read months ago. Discuss it with similar points as mentioned.

!!!checkpoint: The week ends, so a quick flashback is going to keep you strong all the while.


Rant! Rant to Different People Here

Anger is one negative emotion that is going to take up all your strength and make you a hollow person. If you are annoyed at someone just let your journal know it. If you want to scream at your boss or the neighbour or the little boy nearby just keep calm and do it here. Scribble it quick. Let the words flow and calm you down. It is important that you let go of all the negative emotions and keep yourself sorted.

A bad day comes to an end. Wake up with a fresh and happy mind. What I mean to say here is beautifully reflected in the words by Nicole Scherzinger

“You cry and you scream and you stomp your feet and you shout. You say, ‘You know what? I’m giving up, I don’t care.’ And then you go to bed and you wake up and it’s a brand new day, and you pick yourself back up again.”


Bid Adieu to a Bad Habit Today

Bad habits leave hard. But if you put in a little effort they would leave. To keep reminding yourself of this list what is one habit you want to get rid of immediately? Why do you want to quit it? You can write here a bad incident or some issue that you may have faced because of this one habit. Also, if you have a plan on how to quit this habit, jot it down here. Quitting bad habits is a tough thing and to keep yourself motivated for the same this is the best way.  


You Can Do It Always

Quote Time!!!

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

― Rumi

Remind yourself of the dream life and tell yourself that you’re Worthy of living your dream life. It is important that you do not miss a moment to let the universe know of your dreams and your dedication to own the life that you have dreamt of. Writing it here would keep reminding you of the same and help you lead a life that is not just what you dreamt of but also keeps you motivated to work in the direction of that life.  


A New Habit to Start

Write a habit you wish to start in the next 21 days just to see how it makes you feel? This could be anything. If you are “not a book person” reading would be one good habit that you can choose. You can choose to be a morning person and see how it makes your day a little simpler and much fun. If you are looking forward to being fitter then hitting the gym could be a good option. There are a lot of alternatives that you can choose from. And to spice things up to find ways to make this challenge fun.  


Let Someone Know Of Your Insecurities

It is being more than 10 days now. You guys have become great friends. Let your new friend know, what insecurities are you surrounded with? Is it even worth? If yes, then just a little chit chat and know how to beat this. If no then you have stricken off a little negativity from your life already.

Kudos! You’re learning really quick.


A Letter to Younger You

Pen down a letter to you from the past, where you feel the situation was really tough. Tell yourself how you feel right now about it and how you felt back then. Let the younger you feel trusted and understood. Take pride in fighting the situation you thought you may crumble upon. This letter is to make you feel proud of yourself and to make you realize you survived situations that you thought you never would.  


A Letter to Future You

Yesterday you wrote a letter to the younger you who was ready to take more risks and was much confident than what you are today. Now write the letter to the future you, who would be wiser and more calculative. Tell him that the present you wishes to take a few risks that may seem stupid in the future. Also, tell your future self that you’re working hard to lead the life that you have actually wanted to live.

!!!checkpoint: Believe you’ll achieve your dreams and lead the life you’ve always wanted to.  


The Reality Check Time.!

Do you actually believe in the concept of finding yourself or the society has convinced you to do it? Let your diary know if you actually believe in this idea of finding yourself, or were you influenced with your friend’s opinion. Be true here. If you actually believe the concept continue speaking to your new friend and see what wonders it can create.

!!!checkpoint: In these two weeks you have focused on everything that you should for a better and stronger you. Just don’t stop speaking to your “Dear Diary.” Scribble in it everything a little and see the wonders.

Time to Whisper and Listen to Yourself at the Same Time

The fifteen cues mentioned here to write in your journal are just the added tasks. You also need to write about your daily schedule with good details to keep yourself on track. Not just this, also make sure that you are walking the lane for a peaceful life in the most beautiful manner, that too without missing the track.

Just start scribbling down your day on a piece of paper and stay motivated all the while. If you see this work for you do drop a comment here.!