We all wish to be more resilient.

To know that if life turns our world upside down, that we’d be able to cope. Too often we’re living in fear of what might happen and not really appreciating and valuing the life we actually lead right now.

When life then presents an event that topples us, we dream of going back to what we had. We lament on why didn’t I appreciate what I had? Why had I not seen this coming? This is a typical response. This was indeed typical of me and my world, before Cancer came and shook it up!

First my husband, then my mum, then me!

Yes I had started noticing what was more important at each one of the above stages. Who was important. What experiences of life were important. But none more so than when Cancer came knocking at my door.

That was when I really sat up and took notice.

That was when I realised I matter!

When the possibility of Death came knocking, I stood to attention. I realised how vulnerable I was, but it was a time I needed all my strength. I realised how much time I’d spent on things that weren’t important. How much I’d craved acceptance and acknowledgment and validation from others, when I could have just given myself a break and lowered the standards I’d set myself and enjoyed the everyday experiences a little more.

I was my own worse enemy. I had stood in my own way and denied myself Joy and Love and Compassion. I was so keen to bestow all of this on others, I just couldn’t see how much I needed to give it to myself.

For me the secret ingredient to Resilience is Self-compassion, Self-love and Self-acceptance. When you add these magic ingredients into your daily life, your world opens up. You automatically become more resilient.

I now appreciate life with a whole new perspective, a whole new lens of Joy and Gratitude. The gift of simplicity and acceptance of what life was presenting to me daily, became my most precious reward. My life is now a lot slower, a lot more graceful and abundantly richer.

It’s a shame it often takes adversity to shake us up, but when it does, let’s look for the gift. I hope this current pandemic shines a new light on your life, offers a new perspective on what’s really valuable to you and motivates you to create a life that you treasure.