Many of us are experiencing more fear right now than ever in the midst of COVID-19. This is also a time when many folks need our thoughts and skills more than ever. How do we overcome our own inner critic enough to put our special brand of genius out into the world to help?

In the interview above, host of the INGARI Video Confidence channel, Jonathan Mahan and I discuss how to overcome your fears by helping others. The first step? Focus on helping to bypass your fear. For example, think back to the last time you taught a child to do something. Did you stop and question whether you were “good enough” to teach them? Or did you simply enjoy the excitement of helping them learn something new?

A focus on helping can give us a better perspective that allows us to take a leap we wouldn’t have the courage to take otherwise.

Another important insight – what is simple to us and may not even seem worth sharing – could be life changing for someone else. Jonathan has a great technique to identify those areas of personal genius. Think back to a time when you shared an insight with others that really impressed and amazed them, but didn’t seem like a big deal to you. That’s one of your areas of genius!

As you focus on helping others and sharing your genius, in videos, advice or other ways, seeing your impact on others will build your confidence and in turn, increase your ability to be bold. It becomes a truly symbiotic relationship that continues to gives you a better mindset and more courage. Which leads to a more generous life of continued growth and happiness.


  • April Shprintz

    Creator of The Generosity Culture, Business Accelerator and Speaker

    April Shprintz has spent over two decades driving growth for companies of every kind.  Early in her career she served as a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force where she was an executive producer and anchor of Air Force Television News, delivering information daily to a global audience of 75 million people. From there, she entered the corporate world specializing in sales, operations, and marketing, supporting Fortune 500 clients while earning an MBA from the University of Texas. April’s work has generated over $1 billion in combined additional revenue and today she teaches entrepreneurs and leaders how to accelerate their businesses with a relentless focus on value for the clients they serve.  She describes this approach in her forthcoming book The Generosity Culture.