The secret of moving on – FORGIVENESS

Leave the darkness of you past behind, so you can focus on letting in the light of your future…

Forgiveness is giving up a hope that the past could be any different.

Oprah Winfrey once said:

“I think for myself and I know many of you, you think forgiving means accepting what has happened to you. Well, it is accepting that it has happened to you. Not accepting that it was OK for it to happen. It is accepting that it has happened. And now, what do I do about it?

Forgiving is giving up the hope not holding on, hoping, wishing that it could have been any other way than it actually was.

Giving up the hope that the past could be any different.

And when I got that I think it took me to the next level of being a better person because I don’t hold grudges for anything or any situation and neither should you. It’s letting go so that the past does not hold you prisoner, does not hold you hostage.”

Forgiveness is all about moving on, and not wishing or changing the past – it is all about accepting what has happened, whatever the circumstances that you have lived and gone through. Being grateful that you are still alive and remember the reason you are still alive is simply because you are meant for greater things.

Be grateful for your past no matter the experiences that you have lived through even if they were painful and hurtful experiences – these are the experiences that make you stronger and wiser.

Forgive the past and become a role model for other people especially the young people. Holding a grudge has never helped humanity; forgiveness, being grateful and moving on has.

Have you forgiven your past?

I know which path I want to take to have a blissful life, what about you?


  • Sibel Bloom

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