Faith moves mountains? Manifesting works in a similar way. Are you planning something and want it to be successful? Then it is important how and what you think. When you have a plan for how you want to construct the future, get to work. The more specific your plans are, the more effectively you can manifest them. What is the secret of the manifestation?

Believe in what you say and think!

Hope is not enough. And yet your plan must be actionable and withstand reality. You will never be able to believe in your project if you order something from the universe that does not suit you. If you don’t have a knack for designing designer bags, your plan to become a designer will fail. Even manifesting does not help change the situation.

Plans have to be realistic

Even plans are doomed to failure if the financial means are insufficient. You can be talented as a dancer and also have permission to work as a dance instructor. But you don’t have the resources to open a large dance studio.

The bank refuses to give you a loan, and other sources of money are also depleted. This project is doomed no matter how many times you manifest it. Unusual formulas like, “I’m going to open a dance studio next week and win the lottery money!” are useless. So hold on to reality, trust and your belief, because only then can you manifest yourself. The manifestation begins with a state that has already occurred, that is, a future scenario.


For example, suppose you are a designer who previously designed and sold bags, belts, and shoes. Your company is now at risk of bankruptcy. In your reflection, you recognized that only the bags actually generated sales.

You wanted to build your portfolio broadly in order to generate high sales, but that idea has proven to be unsuccessful. Now you want to concentrate fully on the bags and remove the rest of the portfolio from the collection. At the same time, you are moving to a smaller studio to save costs. You have good ideas about which bag models you would like to design for your new collection. Now you want to manifest that plan for yourself.

Manifest exercise example:


Lie down relaxed on a mat, your bed or on the couch. Ideally, you should stop working on the computer, talking on the phone, or watching TV a few hours beforehand to clear your mind.


Inhale deeply through your nose, draw your breath into your stomach, and exhale slowly through your mouth.


Concentrate on your solar plexus (point about 2 centimeters above your belly button) as you breathe in and on your third eye as you breathe out. Try to relax your body completely.


Now you are imagining an image in your mind’s eye. You see your new studio concretely as if this vision had already occurred. To make this even clearer, imagine a calendar hanging on the wall in this room. The calendar should show the date in the future that you will reopen your studio. Take a look at your desk and visually capture the tons of written orders waiting for you. You can see the bags from the new collection all over the shelves. In your vision, go to your desk and watch how you look at these orders.


Touch the paper and try to feel how it feels. You are now in this situation and for you the scenario is absolutely real right now! Touch your pockets, feel the leather and be there with your spirit.


You can also add motion to the scene. At that moment, for example, your supplier can enter the room and bring you more leather fabrics. Look how happy you smile! You did it! Maybe you can allow a certain form of dynamic in this scene. Go into the next room and be surprised: There are employees who are just about to place orders in packages. Before that, you had no employees because you couldn’t find the funds to do so.

Include all sensory stimuli in your vision: feel, smell, taste, see, hear. Don’t hesitate to call a customer who is about to place a large order with you. Smell how the leather smells! Enjoy the coffee you indulge in at your crowded desk! If you have this idea of ​​your future this can manifest itself. The important thing is that you really think as if the event had actually occurred.

Use correct wording

Also avoid negations in sentences.


“I will not fail” – is not correctly phrased

“I have been successful with the business” – would be correctly phrased

It matters how you think. Therefore be careful what thoughts you have and control them.

Bring in the feelings

Try to bring as much emotion as possible into the imagined scene. Feel like this has actually happened already. What feelings would you have? Feel this feeling as best you can.

If you think you don’t have enough imagination to manifest, you can get help. Spiritual counselors offer courses to enhance the imagination. You can also start to see the aura colors. Later it is a matter of imagining specific scenes.

If you need even more support, you can also get in touch with higher energies and ask for help. If you can’t do it on your own, seek support. A spiritual medium is very suitable for this.

Fixed idea

It is important that you have a clear idea of what you want. The vision of it should be as real as possible. The idea should already exist in your head as an exclusive variant of the future. This is especially easy for you when you imagine something that you may have had in the past. Because you are familiar with these feelings and when you call up your memory of this beautiful time, the manifestation works better right away. The more abstract the idea, the more difficult it might be for you to manifest. The memory of beautiful things makes it easy to understand the feelings and to transfer them to the future scenario.