First, know that your stress is your reaction to what’s happening in your life and your anxiety is your reaction to your stress.

The cause of your stress has been a secret, until now. No one has told you and you probably haven’t figured it out.

Do you know the real cause of your stress and anxiety? Do you know what can cause your brain and body to respond to your stress in less than healthy ways?

The secret cause to your stress and anxiety is your own thoughts!

The way you think about your stress, the way you perceive the challenging things that you experience, will determine the way each of your stressors impacts you, and how intense the anxiety will be that may follow.

Change your thoughts — change your stress!

Your brain and body connect through your stress response system. This system helps protect you during stressful times with the classic fight-flight-freeze response patterns. But it’s your thoughts that control this system.

The super power that you have is that you can control your thoughts, rather than your thoughts controlling you. Empowering yourself just takes some mindful thought-reframing skills and positive self talk.

The brain tools that you need to help you think differently about your stress are simple, but not necessarily easy to integrate. Your brain already has thinking habits. You’ll need to practice new brain skills, and like anything else, consistent repetition will strengthen new habits.

To start, you need to begin thinking about your thinking. This is called metacognition.

Metacognition can empower you to be mentally stronger, much more resilient and promote clearer, more focused, thinking.

This power to control your thoughts and change your thinking habits will actually rewire your brain. Your increasingly resilient brain will help you manage all aspects of your life in a much more positive way.

Once you are able to begin using your new found brain power, you’ll see your reaction to stress change drastically. Things that may have caused you emotional distress previously, will not impact you as much anymore.

Your body’s reactions to stress will also change. Your heart won’t race as much and your body won’t tie itself into knots each time you face a challenge. Your resilience, your ability to bounce back from challenges, will quickly increase.

Thinking differently about your stress may even save your life!

Research shows by re-thinking your stress, you can improve your body’s cardiovascular system, blood flow, and immunity system.

Forming new brain habits begins with monitoring your current thinking about your stress. Once you have tracked your current thoughts and emotions about your stress, you can begin to change your stress thinking habits.

Let the rewiring of your brain begin!

When you’re empowered to control your thoughts, and then your emotional response to stress, you’ll be happier, be able to experience more joy, and see your relationships deepen.

Your new stress super power will help you live your best life.

Now you know the secret of your stress and anxiety!

Re-think your stress. Change your life.

Begin here with your FREE Daily Stress Log Reframe tool.

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Stress Brain Coach Marty Wolner is a certified and licensed stress and trauma educator , executive coach, and peak performance specialist, empowering those who want to control their stress.

Through simple trainings (both live and online) and executive coaching, Marty has empowered thousands of executives, professionals, teachers, counselors, social workers, clinicians, psychologists, legislators and law enforcement to re-think their stress, improving their health and happiness. You can actually change your brain wiring and your stress response by thinking about your stress differently.

Changing the way you think about your stress can save your life!

Contact: [email protected]

Resource: The Mind and the Brain – Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force (Dr. Jeffrey M Schwartz and Dr. Sharon Begley)