Unfortunately, I am not talking about the rigatoni at CARBONE. I am talking about the secret to what almost everyone is missing…the human to human connection. In today’s world, there is a race within the digital space, to be the “Netflix of fitness.” I want you to take a moment to think about a YMCA swimming pool that has eight lanes to swim in. All except one is used for coaches to teach. Now think of one lifeguard looking over seven lanes with a ton of people swimming. Every once and a while that lifeguard blows their whistle and waves their arms indicating some sort of signal. Whereas in the lane with the private lessons going on you have two dedicated coaches and two swimmers each with a specific goal in mind. 

This is very similar to what we have today. We live in a highly saturated fitness space filled with classes, yet, very few people actually offer specific coaching. These classes fail to deliver results and a connection that far exceeds the four walls of a studio or your iPhone screen. I want to add that I am not trying to dispute the sense of community or even the work-out individuals gain. What I am suggesting is to consider everything as humans that we have to offer. We are complex creatures, each with different physical, emotional needs and wants. We are built differently, we move differently and our ability to connect as if we are one is something that we simply can’t achieve in a template or an automated response. 

We live in a time where we have learned so much, that there shouldn’t be any guesswork. We owe it to ourselves to want the personalization, to seek the tailored and unique results that are customized and fact driven. I want to encourage you to obtain information and guidance from a coach that you have a connection with. This connection will foster accountability, friendship and, family. In this connection lies a journey that you don’t have to go on alone. The secret sauce is sharing the rigatoni with company! As technology continues to progress, the need for putting more focus on human capital is crucial. For a breakdown on the ” leaders ” in the tech place such as Peloton, Mirror etc. I highly recommend checking out an article written by Brett Maloley. https://medium.com/joinladder/at-home-fitness-bonanza-bubble-ff8c7be911ec
To put it simply, I encourage you to take classes, to hop on a Peloton bike from time to time. I am suggesting that you set the intention for your health and wellness. Create pillars that will set you up for success. Allow the right coach to support you on this journey. Furthermore, establish a relationship that is more than just you and a screen!