The Secret That Most People Don't Know About Finding "Level 10"​ Opportunities... Dre Baldwin

The Monopoly board game was originally called “The Landlord’s Game.” The story told on the official Monopoly website has been disputed; many accounts say the entire concept was stolen from the original creator. 

Anywho, a Monopoly player’s objective is to be the last player with money to spend after everyone else has gone broke on rent and other expenses. 

There are random cards you draw that can either cost or earn you money, and properties that you can either buy (if they’re unowned at the time) or have to pay rent to (if someone else owns them) when you land on them.

The further around the board you go, the more the properties are worth. 

The first property on the board is Mediterranean Avenue. It’s $50 to buy. As you build up your real estate on Mediterranean and put a hotel there, rent — what a competitor pays if they land on your property — fetches you $250.  

The last property on the board (meaning, you have to go all the way around the board to get to it) is Boardwalk. 

It’s $400 to buy.

If you build a hotel on your owned Boardwalk property and someone lands on it, rent is $2,000. 


All opportunities are not created equal

Some are Mediterranean-Avenue-level opportunities: there’s something there, but the bottom of the well is not quite so deep — and maybe you’re OK with that. 

It’s easy to get in, and easy to get out if you so choose. 

Other opportunities are like Boardwalk and its sister property on the Monopoly board, Park Place ($350 to buy; rent with hotel: $1,500): the possibilities run deep. 

You have to go deep — in your time, money, attention, energy and focus investments — to ever see all that it has to offer. And once you tap into the right vein, the returns never stop. 

Both Mediterranean and Boardwalk are opportunities: you can get more out of them than what you’ll initially put in. There is ROI available in both places. 

Mediterranean Avenue, however, is a Level 1 opportunity. 

Boardwalk is a Level 10. 

Think of this when you look at your life and all the things you could do. The possibilities are endless, but your time and ability are not. You have to make some choices

If you’re ambitious and want to get the highest returns on your investments, look for Level 10 opportunities. 

They usually won’t be obvious to you until you’ve put some time in to see how they work for you; this is why fast implementation is so  important to maximize the use of your time. 

And you’ll need a system of accountability to measure whether you’re doing everything you can to squeeze the juice out of every chance you’re getting. 

When you find the right one, the payback is endless. 

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