Have you ever thought about what most billionaires and geniuses have in common? It’s not their quirky mind but that one company for which they gave it all in. Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and many other billionaires worked hard day and night to build their respective companies from scratch to where it is today. They are an inspiration to all. But what’s that one special thing that makes them uncommon? It’s nothing but specialisation.

We all have several dreams floating on our minds all day. Whether it’s being a supercar race driver or a travel blogger, our imagination exceeds the normal scenario. The human mind hardly stays focused on one single thing, and so, we all tend to divert towards different fields, looking for something that we really like and will benefit us in the long run. Even if you are good at many things together, focusing on all aspects at the same time reduces your ability to concentrate and be productive.

Mostly, right at the beginning of high school or college, we all are asked to pick a stream which we particularly want to focus on. Rather than hogging everything, you pick one single stream that widens your learning area, where you are specifically interested. Such values are incorporated right from the beginning so that you can choose one thing to work on. It works better that way, always!

So now, when you are at a stage when you are earning your life, you may or may not be satisfied with your main job. This leads to picking up side hustles or jobs to earn more money. While this is a very common thing, most do not end up earning the money they thought they would. This is because one needs to be above average at their main job to handle their side hustles. If you’re not good at your specialisation job, you will fail i.e you can bid your dreams of becoming a millionaire goodbye.

And if you are keen on focusing on your side jobs more than your main one, then so be it. But you have to keep some points in mind – you shouldn’t quit your specialisation job right away because you need to save some money and be stable enough to take the other job. If you start shifting specialisations, it isn’t a fast process. It will take time to build and lay concrete.

You have to work hard in order to achieve your goal of being successful and rich. But you can’t do that while working and focusing on multiple jobs at the same time. As mentioned above, most billionaires have put all their effort, energy and resources into one single company making it greater than ever. Similarly, you can also achieve greatness if you put in every amount of sweat and blood into focusing on your specialisation. And that’s the mighty secret.