The minimalist style is undoubtedly one of the most elegant and modern. Some people associate it with coldness and little comfort.

No detail has been underestimated and from the facade everything is perfect. The element of water plays a role in this design and adds value to it. The design is stripped of any coldness or lack of comfort. The choice of materials is masterful, and these together create a whole since in minimalism everything is part of everything. A style not only elegant and modern but above all human that seeks above all to create comfortable, spacious, and light-filled spaces.

Geometric blueprint set

The minimalist style is a language that is expressed through geometric play. This style uses the elemental geometry of the forms to create architecture in which the essential are spacious and well-lit spaces.

Calm water can be used as a kind of mirror; on its surface the light (from the moon, or from some spotlight) is reflected and dances, observing this dance has a calming effect.

Water in motion, for example, that of a fountain or waterfall, is more dynamic and is accompanied by sound, which is why it calls from further away, attracts and becomes present even if we do not see it.

A little inside

The bathroom is a room that speaks a lot about the character of a house and its inhabitants. It is also a room that should be characterized by its comfort and functionality. Again, we find typical plumbing materials and tools in Missisauga: glass, white walls, steel. In a spectacular way, wood has been added, obviously well-polished, in a G- shaped wardrobe that has a geometric design and full of straight lines. This closet not only prevents clutter in the bathroom but also adds warmth to the design. The mirror is large and creates the feeling that the space is larger than it is. Without a doubt, a very comfortable and enviable bathroom.

Feeling of space

Glass surfaces are a very important element in the minimalist style. These surfaces separate spaces without creating a visual border, which allows them to mix with each other, this is how this style manages to fulfill one of its highest priorities, that of creating wide spaces. From this perspective we can see the introduction of the element of water at the other end of the garden. As the waterfalls, the surface that we can see from here shakes and draws our attention, fills us with curiosity and invites us to discover what lies ahead. In a well-designed minimalist home, it is impossible to feel claustrophobic.

Another priority of this style is to create illuminated spaces – the glass doors, the geometric planes that create skylights, skylights and others, the white color – everything is intended to increase the presence of natural light. These houses are not designed to get depressed. Lastly, the vegetation here is a typical example of a minimalist plant composition: the lawn (a green plane), a single tree, and some climbing plants climbing over the white wall. All this also helps to create the feeling of space and is also extremely easy to maintain.

This style has been created thinking above all about our comfort, it is not only elegant but also healthy. If you would like to see another example of minimalist design.