Career development is crucial to the young. It is the most important part of their life as they are struggling. During this struggle, you mostly miss taking healthy meals and even taking a good night’s sleep. When you face such challenges then all you end up with are health issues. Staying healthy is equally important as you need a healthy mind for giving your best performance. I was suffering from health issues because of my workload and the stress which was created because of my assignments. I had to work long hours and was neglecting my health. I ended up with serious depression because of no recreational activities and no friends. I was in the middle of my career. That most difficult time I faced in my life. Then a colleague of mine gave me some life-changing advice which helped me in not only improving my health but also created a sense of achievement in my family life as well as in my career life. Here are some tips which will keep you ahead of the competition. These are the words that I can never forget and I want to share these tips.

  1. Barley is the key:  taking barely with milk every morning will give you a boost of energy. Its good source of calcium, iron, potassium, folate, and vitamin B-6, copper, magnesium, and zinc. All these are essential to keep your heart healthy. Prevent your body from cancer, helps in weight loss and also keep a good healthy digestive system. Barley takes time to show its results but once when you start getting the results, you will be thankful. You will observe a change in your energy levels. Since, I had to work long hours so I really needed the energy to keep on working and barley with milk gave me a good head start. I was not only able to work more but also my performance was improved.
  2. Pick healthy foods: Whenever we start to get advice over healthy food, we think of green. It’s not always like this. Green vegetables are healthy but there are other foods which are not going to get you fat but they will keep you healthy. Example, milk, eggs, butter, steamed meat, boiled vegetables etc. Just avoid deep fry as the oil had never done any good to anyone.
  3. Sleep on time: Sleeping on time and taking eight hours of sleep will keep your mind healthy. Yes, I needed a healthy mind to work and taking a good night sleep was what I was missing, as I used to stay awake late and then always had trouble in getting up early in the morning. So, a small practice of sleeping on time not only helped me in gaining my energy but also helped me in keeping myself awake throughout the day.  
  4. Praise yourself: Always use positive words even if you are falling behind. Loosing is not always bad but it also teaches you how to avoid mistakes next time. I was faced with many challenges at my work. I had to listen to a lot of negative comments and also was discouraged. But then I started noticing that I was taking these negativities to my heart and then showing it on my face.  I realized that when I started to talk positively with myself and also praise myself then I was happier inside. After that when a negative person gives a negative comment, it didn’t get to me and I was not showing it on my face. So, this resulted in final retrieval from that person because his objective was not achieved  
  5. Give yourself a treat: Doing something for yourself is always a prize. So, always give gifts to yourself. I was earning but I never had the time to spend that on myself. So, I started to order online clothes, jewelry, hand bags and makeup. Since, I was short of time to go for shopping. Putting on new clothes and wearing jewelry and makeup made me happy from inside as when I looked into the mirror, I was totally transformed.  Transformation is what I needed and my colleague was right that when you will look great then you will also feel great from inside.
  6. Time management: Make a schedule and follow it strictly. If you can do your work on time, then you can have time for everything. Yes, these words worked wonders. I made a schedule and then I followed it strictly. This was always a problem on my list that I was unable to complete the rest of my work on time. Sometimes the work was also going home and this was creating a mess. When I started finishing my work on my workplace then I had more free time at my home for myself and my family. So, this one tip was very important as it helped me in improving my work and life and helped me in creating a balance.  
  7. Keep your family along: Your family are the most important people in your life. Making time for them will give you a sense of support. You will not feel alone. As human beings, we really need people around. Morale support is what we need to keep us going. In life when you will see that you have achieved everything but you have no one around. While developing your career, you must not lock yourself with your career only but you have to keep your family along. Drive strength from them and once when you will start appreciating them for being there in your highs and lows then you will receive the same back.  
  8. Connect with positive people only: Make friends who have a positive mindset. As negative person can find a mistake in even in good things. So surrounding yourself with positive people will help you fight all the stresses of work. There are people in your work place whose objective is to show you down. This might be because of jealousy or competition. Negativity is never good. So, try to be in a team where you can find positive team members who can support and encourage. This approach in life is not of everyone.

In the end, my life was totally changed. Now I am healthier and deliver my best performance at my work. I got a circle of good friends and my family is also very happy as I appreciate them and they appreciate my efforts. I am getting the return on investing my time with the right people and adopting a healthier lifestyle to keep my health and work in place. I didn’t let the work consume me and don’t let your career development consume you.