Do you remember when we were growing up, and your parents told you “be grateful for your parents, be grateful for your home, be grateful for your school”, did they ever tell you why?

As children “why” is our most used word and “because mommy says so” seems to be the most accepted response, but it shouldn’t be.

My life is abundant.

Yes, I’ll shout it from the rooftop and publish it on this blog – I live an abundant life.

For those of you who don’t know me, I drive a Getz with three hub-capped wheels and a broken side mirror. I haven’t had furniture (besides my bed) in my flat since I moved in due to financial priorities and I grind my teeth so badly there are days that I battle to unhinge my jaw, yet I live an abundant life.

For most, when they hear “abundance” they immediately imagine opulence.

An array of expensive cars, a beautiful house, and gorgeous wardrobe. Even Microsoft Word spat out “plentiful, copious, rich, wealth” earlier when I made a typo. Based on this understanding, if you extend your mind to imagine losing these things, what would you be left with? Sheer panic and depression?

Today so many of us are focused on a misunderstanding of abundance. Yes, it’s great to have nice things, but these don’t make our lives abundant. What does make our lives abundant is the gratitude that we express towards what we already have.

Expressing gratitude towards experiences and “things” positively charges them, making them flourish for us.

I could think “come on you lump of metal, just get me to work in one piece” every time I got into my car which would result in me resenting my car, creating negativity which would essentially put me in a less than fabulous mood first thing in the morning. Instead, when I look at my chariot I think “I am grateful that my car isn’t a large expense for me at the moment, which means that I have more money for my other needs, which means that I have been able to afford the work I needed to be done on my jaw, which means that I don’t get migraines anymore, which means that I can focus better on work, which means that I feel more efficient, which means that I am happier…” and so on, all because I have expressed gratitude towards my car.

Why are you grateful for your parents? Because mommy said so? Thanks mom, but that didn’t help me grow.

By asking yourself “which means that” when you revisit past experiences and look at your “things”, you will be introduced to the abundance of your life. When something doesn’t seem to be working, don’t resent what is, rather accept and appreciate what the growth of it will be, by expressing gratitude towards it.

Positivity is contagious.

Can you image feeling down while being surrounded by a multitude of things that you appreciate and love, that serve you in your daily existence?

Abundance is a vibration, a state of mind which comes from what we are grateful for that we already have, which brings into question, what do you feel you deserve?